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  • Betty - I LOVE SODASTREAM!!!Sodastream is great because:
    *It alleviates buying so many bottles of seltzer and schlepping them home from the store
    *Having fresh, bubbly seltzer on-demand is fabulous
    *Saves money
    *Better for the environment (so nice to have a non-electric kitchen appliance)
    (I literally bought two as gifts this year already.)
  • Colleen Wainwright "the communicatrix" - The diet that gave me back my lifeA year ago and two weeks ago, I was admitted to the ER with an acute case of Crohn's colitis. I weighed 90 lbs., was running multiple fevers in excess of 104 degrees F, had diarrhea to the tune of 32x/day, had lost two pints of blood and could barely walk.

    After eleven days in the hospital, they gave me a choice: I could stay and receive more aggressive drug therapies (the 60mg of IV prednisone they had me on wasn't making a dent); or I could go home and "see what happened".

    I went home. The next day, I talked my friend through Whole Foods on his cell phone, making him read me every label on the items I needed to begin the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as outlined by Elaine Gottschall in her book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle. With the last of my strength, I made the soup and some homemade gelatin that form the mainstay of the 2-5 day "starter diet". And each subsequent day, I built on the little ground I had already gained until two weeks later, I was able to go to my doctor without lining my pockets with weights to cover the weight loss.

    Within one month, I was able to do my laundry by myself again. Within three months, I was able to get back to work. Within five months, I was off all of my medications.

    In the past year, I have had one flare, brought on by hormonal birth control. I went on all my meds again, but this time I was able to wean myself off of them in a mere four weeks--I was now that healthy.

    I fought my doctor all the way on this diet. Even with proof of my healing in the form of loss of symptoms, weight normalization and a clean colonoscopy (no pun intended), he, like many practioners of Western medicine, refuse to believe that diet has anything to do with illness or health.

    The diet is simple in theory, if somewhat difficult in practice. The idea behind it is to exclude the foods that disease-creating bacteria feed on in the gut so that these bacteria die off and allow the gut to heal itself.

    Unfortunately for those of us accustomed to the Standard American Diet (or S.A.D.) of highly processed, starchy and sugary foods, this means an exclusion of all di- and polysaccharides: in other words, no refined sugar and no starch of any kind. No pasta, no bread, no chocolate, no potatoes, no sugar. And that includes "hidden" sugar that shows up in virtually all processed foods, even if it's not listed on the label. Bye-bye, convenience foods. So long, thank-you-drive-thru. The list of unacceptable foods is daunting and seems unmanageable at first (and eating out remains a challenge), but it gets easier with time.

    So now, a year later, I still can't eat raw fruit with abandon but I can travel and not get sick. I haven't had bread or pasta or any other "illegal" but I can work, socialize and sleep through the night. My world of acceptable restaurants has shrunk even as my ability to be out and about with seemingly boundless energy has increased.

    I've accomplished things I never dreamed I could twelve months ago. I've helped friends, acquaintances and total strangers find this diet and changed their lives, too. (If you have ulcerative colitis or Crohn's and write me, I'll most likely help you, too.) I've learned patience (oh, boy, have I learned patience) and as a result, am more tolerant of quirks in myself and others. This diet didn't just give me back my life; it gave me a totally new one, richer than I ever could have imagined.

    So when people tell me how hard it must be to be on this diet with all of its restrictions, I smile and think to myself, "What restrictions?"

    I've never been freer in my life.
  • Carla Digrugilliers - Still listening and LearningIt is a life opening truth serium for the Soul! I have such a hard time moving into this new way of living. The people today hurt the heart if you let them. Dr Phil helps you to evolve to a higher level of understanding without loosing who you really are. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the Life Code