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  • S. Milbrandt - This is what being healthy should feel like.I am on week three of the FMD and I love it. It's the first diet I've been on that doesn't feel like a diet, but an actual way of life. There hasn't been a time where I've felt deprived, and in fact I've had to force myself to eat some meals.

    Week one, I lost 6.5 pounds without exercising. Week two I lost .5 pounds, but I also didn't prepare well for the weekend, missed a couple of snacks and one meal and went to an anniversary dinner and went wheels off on non-plan foods. I also got really sick from doing that, so I don't advise cheating!

    Since starting the FMD, I sleep better, I get up at the crack of dawn, I do not have an afternoon slump in energy and I am in far less pain. My nails grow so fast they're like talons and my skin is so much clearer. I have a long way to go, but this is a good beginning.

    As Haylie says in the book, you need to prepare to be successful. I bought some portion-sized storage containers and a soft-side cooler to pack my food each day. It becomes second nature to prepare and eat this amazing food. I no longer crave sweets or breads, and I gave up a 3-Coke a day habit to drink water.

    This diet is worth a try for anyone.
  • Deborah Onnembo - DR Phil rocksDr Phil is the best. He gives advice in a no nonsense way. He is real and cares. If one really reads and tries to understand his books one can incorporate all or even some into your life. I feel he really knows what he is teaching and talking about. . He definately is not a quack like some other doctors on television. If people are serious about looking at themselves and are serious about changing the negative within themselves Dr Phil is the one to learn from.
  • Bethalina7 - Great meal replacement.My mother is not fond of asking for help. I have found that by providing this meal replacement drink and having it on auto shipment is a great way to assist her. She needs to eat to take her medication but rarely has an appetite. She is unable to lift heavy objects and it is very convenient to have delivered to her door. She is appreciative. I can help in this way even though I live 600 miles away. It gives me peace of mind.