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  • Ozgur Bozkurt "ozzie" - great gps!!!!wow!!! just wow!!! I switched from an old tomtom to this garmin ... o m g!!! the difference is almost day and night!!! when tomtom gets me close to the destination or screws things up in an area with a lot oh high rise buildings, this one accurately takes me anywhere!!! The accuracy is amazing!!!!
  • Aaron Gray - Love it!Let me just start off saying this has been one of the better purchases I have made and here's why:

    1) Very easy to Use and to Clean; and because of that - 2) I use it everyday, several times a day.

    3) Takes whatever I throw in it (fruits, veggies, ice...) and turns it all into liquid deliciousness.

    4) Makes it very easy to get my daily nutrients and I have noticed that I am "regular" again.

    Guys this is a wonderful machine and something of this nature should be a staple item in every household. This is a cheap and tasty way to stay out of the doctors office/hospital. A majority of illness and ailments can simply be prevented by changing one's diet -- here is your opportunity to easily do that.

    To reply to the concern from some reviewers about leaking - I have yet to experience it, but I also try not to pour water past the max line as stated not to do in the instructions. Hasn't been an issue for me.
  • Larry Boardman "31fordsedan" - Office for MacAfter being a Windows user for years, I switched to Mac 3 years ago. I keep one PC just for programs that only run on windows. I could put a Windows emulator on the Mac but as long as I have the PC. it makes no sense. Office is a little different on the MAC but very easy to learn. Highly recommend.
  • C. Egan - AeroGrow AeroGarden ReviewI bought this as a Christmas gift for someone who is very interested in having fresh herbs and salad greens regularly. She was extremely excited by this gift. It was easily put together, the directions were very clear and precise. She has already, within a week, had success with growing. I had been put off by the price on the AeroGarden site itself and was very happy to find the price here on Amazon. The shipping was excellent, very expedient. I give this a great recommendation!
  • iel76 - Great Low Spin Ball at a Great PriceThe new Bridgestone e6 is a low compression, low spin ball designed to minimize left to right spin (reducing the bad effect of hooks and slices). I found that for my swing, (importantly, everyone's swing is different), I hit this easily as far as the much more expensive Pro V1 (or for that matter the more expensive Bridgestone B330 series). Around the greens there is not as much spin as the Pro V1, but the e6 has adequate stopping power. On windy days in Florida, I really appreciate the way this low spin ball penetrates the wind. At $20 less per dozen than the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, it's my new ball. I was honestly shocked at how well this ball performs...