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  • Lourdes - Best stroller!I have had this stroller for 6 months now, and I don't have any complaints. The canopy is large enough, the stroller is incredibly light, and its compact. It's been to Disney World twice, Universal and Busch gardens more than I can count. I would recommend this stroller over any other- I have had several other strollers - much higher priced and they don't compare in maneuverability and weight. What sold me was how light it was as durable, especially since it goes in and out of my car often.
    Would recommend the tray and cup holder , but I bought them much later and didn't really miss them in the beginning. Other than that- its the best stroller.
  • Pinky Nurse - Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide 2011I needed a pocket book for work that would give me as much info as a larger book. This is excellent & easy to carry. The last drug book I bought was from 2007, so I needed something up-to-date!
  • Patricia Velez - Inferno: A ReviewThis book was all I knew it would be. Dan Brown can write like no other. The detail involved in writing such a novel is overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. You cannot help but get involved in the drama and the history. You are taken into a whole new world, but still in the present. Not many novels can entertain and teach at the same time. For all these reasons, I loved this book and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves the thrill of a drama with a taste of history.
  • Terry Folen "retired and reading" - The story must be told...I will admit, the first 1/3 of the book I found very "skim-able", necessary for setting the stage but not that important or particularly well written, after that...WOW! From where the storm actually hits and Kathy leaves with the kids I was glued to the book. Obviously, I knew he would end up OK, he was able to tell his story, but it was well laid out and I was totally engaged. That these events could and did happen made me sick to my stomach but I'm glad I read it. May these events never take place again.
    Our book group will discuss it tonight, I think that will prove to be a very lively conversation!
  • Thomas R. Smith "thossmith" - Quicken 2013 software has run flawlessly since upgraded...I have been a loyal Quicken user since its first releases on Mac. As other reviewers have described, sometimes Quicken upgrades are a piece of cake, other times they have been extremely painful to the point of being ridiculous. Because of this, I never upgrade immediately when a new Quicken version comes out. I now check the reviews prior to upgrading. This year, the delay paid off. I upgraded when Quicken 2013 was at Release 6. I had absolutely no problem with the install. My files appeared to upgrade properly. The program has run flawlessly. I did not have any of the upgrade problems I have previously experienced where cleared electronic items suddenly appear as new entries in my downloaded transactions. I use Bill Pay and manage all of my accounts through online access. I love it. I do not care to manage my finances through cloud computing or via an app, so I have no use for nor evaluation of any of the new cloud computing features. All in all, the upgrade has gone very well.