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  • Briank - It could be one of your favourite booksThis book is not for everyone but it should be read to find out if it is for you. If you liked the kind of slow, brooding, tense, emotionally draining but utterly compelling approach in the film There Will Be Blood then you'll probably like The Road. If you're the father of a young boy then you'll probably love it.

    This book will linger in the memory for a long time. Some of the passages will haunt you while others will break your heart but it's ultimately brilliant

    If you haven't read this book, do.
  • Hughbert Jass - Good, who cares if Roger took overOK, when Roger took over, the sound might have not have been Pink Floyd, but there was some classic Floyd here, admit it. I'm not saying that the Final Cut was a good album, I'm just saying that this isn't as bad as almost all floyd fans say, infact...IT ROCKS!!!!!!! It starts with a Pink Floyd show (Pink Floyd is the fictional character in this story), then it goes back to his birth (baby crying). It then kicks into his childhood problems, Dad dieing in war, abusive schoolmasters, overprotective mother, unable to deal with young lust. Then, his gilrfriend leaves him, and the pain of being alone is the last straw, and Pink Floyd goes insane. Then, on disc 2, Pink Floyd reaches out to the troubled youth in his music and becomes a successful rock star with lots of pride, but his paining memories still haunt him. Then, he uses drugs to calm himself, but thinks get out of line at his concert, the same concert where our story begins. Then, he realizes it needs to stop, and after a trial in his mind, it ends and he goes outside the wall. Oh, i forgot, the wall is an imaginary thing that isolates pink floyd from the rest of the world.

    As for the music, Rockin', "In the Flesh?" is 1 of those songs, not nearly heard enough. "Another Brick in the Wall" is a classic & an anthem for anyone who hates school. ok, i don't feel like going thru the rest of the songs, but trust me they're good, and i know some songs seem like filler, but it's only to contribute to the story.
  • MVLJR - If you use aerosol cans, this is a must!This is one of the best little tools I've ever purchased.

    It makes spraying aerosols an easy task. I've used it several times to spray automotive primer, base, and clear coats on small car parts.

    It is very precise and much easier to use versus holding the cap with your index finger.

    Not much more to say, other than buy this and you won't be disappointed.