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  • rahaistuler - Great baby seat!This is a great alternative to your typical high chair. It goes onto our table with ease and is extremely secure. It saves a ton of space and is compact and easy to store. The baby can sit with you at the table and have plenty of space for their food (less food ends up on the floor.) So far we've only used it when our niece comes over but our baby will be starting solid foods soon and I can imagine that it would be great to take to restaurants. You could even put it in your suitcase if you're going on an extended visit somewhere.

    The only negative I've seen so far is that the buckles are difficult to get undone when it comes time to get the baby out of the seat. But, I guess this is also a good thing because there's no way a small child could get it undone.

    Also if anyone is wondering exactly what color Eucalipto is (like I did because the picture looks grey/black!) then let me tell you--it is just a standard dark green, kind of like what you'd see in camping equipment.
  • Someone Who Reads - My Dr. recommended itI knew I had a problem years ago and had suspected Bipolar Disorder so I decided to see a psychiatrist to find out what it was exactly. I was diagnosed with bipolar and had a general idea of what it was from internet research but I wanted to learn a little more and have something on hand to get my family to understand what it was I was dealing with (and themselves as well) so this was recommended to me by my doctor at the time.

    I know some of the reviewers took exception to the levity in the book or the fact that it doesn't go in depth into the disorder, as for the later, it's a book for beginners, hence the "for Dummies" part of the title. This is a book for someone who is just beginning to dip their toes into the understanding of BD, this isn't a textbook. Yes, you kind find this information online, but you have to research it, a lot, and in multiple places, which can make things confusing for someone just starting out. Especially if the websites aren't based on the continually updated information (and not just someones opinion). The fact that all the basic and core information is in one neat little book, and clearly outlined and organized, puts things in a much clearer way not only for the owner of the book, but for the people around the owner. It's much more easier taking out a book and pointing to a passage for the sake of showing someone else rather then opening up multiple sites and pages to find the same information. Using the internet when it's just that individual involved makes sense and can be much more convenient, but when it comes to a mental disorder, the people around the person diagnosed are as much a part of the diagnosis as they are. And if you do want to go in depth, the book is a nice place to pinpoint specifics so you know what to look for online.

    As for the levity, bipolar disorder is a serious disorder, a lot about the disorder can be very ugly and it's very difficult, both for the person and for everyone around them. I have bipolar disorder, I have to deal with it, I have to understand it, but I don't have to learn about it in a coldly sterile "this is serious business" kind of way. To be quite frank it would probably put me off on trying to understand it, especially if I'm just starting out trying to understand it. The levity takes the edge off, the humor allows you to get a little closer and put your guards down, and that can mean the difference between coming to terms and remaining in denial and ignorance.

    This is the perfect book for understanding what Bipolar Disorder is, it is basic, but the title should have been a hint. It's the perfect starting off platform and I'm incredibly glad I bought it. If you want and need only one book about BD then I'd recommend this one, even if you're looking for more this should be one of them. This book isn't an in depth understanding, it's just the beginning. And it is just a book of information, not really a book of what it's like from who lives with it.
  • T. Sibley "Tsibs7" - Best Tablet Currently AvailableOk, so I've been in the tablet market for the last 3 months and I finally was able to get my hands on this product. Trust me when I say it wasn't easy but it was worth the trouble. This tablet is by far the most advanced and fastest tablet on the market (IOS or Android). That doesn't mean it's perfect because no tech product is. Those out there looking for a device that never has bugs or issues might as well stop now because you'll never find something to your liking. What I can say is that ASUS did a fine job with putting this together. I won't touch on every aspect of the Transformer Prime but here are some highlights:

    Screen- This screen is bright and beautiful. You can set the Super IPS display if you're outdoors but otherwise, the regular brightness is perfectly fine. The resolution is the same as most 10.1 inch tablets and is crisp and clear.

    Speed- This tablet has a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it is blazing. You can multi-task to your hearts delight and it won't skip a beat. It opens applications faster than any phone or tablet I can think of. The encouraging news is that they are still really developing apps for the Tegra 3 so when that becomes more relevant this thing will be even better. Scrolling and touch sensitivity is "buttery" smooth with no lag whatsoever.

    Build- This is a very aesthetically pleasing device. What I mean is that it is an eye-catcher. Brushed aluminum backing and super thin, it looks fantastic. It's light and the weight balance is perfect when holding with one hand or two. Gorilla glass screen means that you won't have to worry about scratches. Those out there that complain about fingerprints need to realize that this is the case for 99% of tablets out there. (HINT: use the microfiber cloth that comes with it)

    Storage and Connectivity- One of the biggest selling points was the storage space. 32gb of onboard memory PLUS it has a micro-sd card slot for expansion. This thing can become an entertainment powerhouse. It has a micro-hdmi out so you can connect to TVs or projectors. This means you can watch Netflix and other movies on a bigger screen if you'd prefer. You won't have to buy a proprietary cables just to connect. Of course, the big sell is the laptop dock accessory. I personally don't need it but its a great option if you want a netbook like experience. Oh yeah, you can also use PS3 or USB gaming controllers with this to play games!

    Battery Life- So I haven't done an "official" battery test but in my usage so far I easily get a couple days out of this tablet. It obviously depends on what the settings are (i.e. screen brightness, power mode) but trust me when I say that if you go on a long trip with this thing you'll be good to go with juice to spare.

    Ice Cream Sandwich- This may not matter in a month or two but it is currently one of a select few devices that has the latest operating system of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. I won't get into all the details of what ICS is but I can say that it is user friendly and has loads of potential.

    Side notes:
    Ok, so a lot of people may have heard about certain users having issues with WIFI and/or GPS. On my end, I haven't had a single issue with WIFI. The signal is always strong even at a good distance away from the router. I think this just may be an isolated issue with some of the devices. I don't think this is indicative of all the tablets. I haven't used the GPS much but I can guess that the all-aluminum backing has something to do with the issues its having catching signals from satellites. Honestly though, it's ridiculous to use this as a standalone GPS device.

    As a heads-up, this tablet is currently (as of 2/21) extremely hard to come by. It is sold out at most, if not all retailers. I'm sure ASUS will eventually be able to keep up with demand but be warned that you may not be able to get one for a while. This obviously is a result of the shortsightedness of ASUS and should bear no negative reflection on the tablet itself.

    The Verdict:
    So is this worth $499.99 of your hard earned money? If you're looking for the best tablet available then the answer is a definitive YES. It's certainly worth more for your money than ANY tablet at and around its price.