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  • Dean! - Great for entrepreneurs!Quicken Legal Business Pro Contract & Forms 2011 is easy to install and took less than 2 minutes.

    After installation, it will ask you to "web update" which I recommend in doing so (however not mandatory if you do not have online access at the time). This will keep all of your forms current and accurate. The program is intuitive and will guide you through all the steps for the correct legal form.

    The program has drop down menus of different categories and you choose the appropriate form.

    Click once on the form and it will give you a description of what the form is for. You are able to view examples of the document as well. Double-click on the form and it will provide a more in-depth description of the form and what information is needed before you begin.

    The program is very user-friendly and guides you through all of the necessary fill-in-the-blanks. On the left of your screen is a pane that explains each section you are filling in.

    When you are done, you can view, edit and print.

    The program has a section that is in PDF format that offers helpful hints and guides to running and starting a business to legalities and contracts for the business.

    There is even an online section that is offered by Nolo that gives more information such as ways to find a business lawyer and an online legal dictionary.

    This program is perfect for the beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur. All the forms you would need are right here in one spot. A nice touch is that it includes a book of legal advice for everyday life.

    I am very impressed with the product and highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs.
  • S. R. Lane - This book was review bombed by an activist groupI haven't read this book yet, but that's OK because none of the 25 one-star reviews read it either. Note that many have been left in a row a lot of them contain text copy-pasted from a fetal alcohol syndrome group.

    While I haven't actually read the book, I can address their beef: The proof that restrained drinking after the first trimester has no effect on the fetus is overwhelming. Most European countries don't hand out cold-turkey drinking advice to pregnant mothers, so we have a ton of data on this. The primary reason that medical professionals in the US advise no drinking at all is that people with a drinking problem are known to drastically underestimate how much they're drinking. So if you're a pregnant alcoholic and are told that a little bit is all right, you're likely to drink a lot and convince yourself it's a little bit. The guidelines in the US are primarily social engineering targeting that group. That's actually not an unreasonable position for medical advice to take. It's just not *scientific*.

    I knew this when I was pregnant and still didn't drink. It seemed like a good mental exercise.

    Now go read the book. :)
  • Kirk Perry "Plumber and VT" - Great M/C Riding Jacket * Mod the Batwing Collar, Capture Heat6/PKG 16.8mm Lee Jeans Brass NO-SEW JEAN TACK DUNGAREE BUTTONS You could fly to France on Dickies« Eisenhower collar. Wide enough to stand-up, the collar can be made "roadworthy" by adding a button-hole to the left-wing, and a Lee« rivet-button under the right-wing, which will allow the collar to be fastened around your neck (where gobs of heat is lost).
    Our seamstress will create the buttonhole. [Dickies« wouldn't part with an extra button for this mod, so I went in search of a replacement button.]

    Lee« buttons are a "shark tooth" push-rivet type. Add a couple layers of masking tape over the button-face and the rivet-end, then tap-tap-tap the rivet to get it started evenly into the button-shank and then a decisive finish-blow. I made the same mod to a Lee« leather-collar denim jacket and the button's held fine, with the collar up and buttoned against a 65 mph headwind, though this fabric doesn't have that same leather backing. Note: The sleeve length for a medium (reg.) is 35-5/8". The extra length keeps the sleeves from pulling back in a handlebar reach.
    Note: The collars have a hidden 1-3/4" (interior) collar stay that's of durable fiber-plastic. Reducing the stays lengths allows for a button-hole on one side and the rivet-button on the other. However, if you're not making the non-factory authorized, warranty-breaking modification, but would still like to have the bat-wings "arc", then the next time you've removed the jacket from the dryer (low cycle), begin rolling the plastic collar stays in a succession of very tight roll-overs - as tight as you can. Yes, you'll occasionally feel the "stay" seemingly break-in-half, it didn't for me and won't, so keep rolling. Go over the entire length of the stay with the same rolling action until you've beat them both into submission - rolling the stay between thumb and index finger until no resistance is felt.
    Both of the "rolled" stays will now naturally arc downward.