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  • Tim Pickett - I can't stay mad at youI have been a loyal customer of Hutzler Banana slicers since back in the days of Hutzler 1 Banana Slicer. I am very loyal. I have heard that Hutzler just unveiled the upgrades that will be available on the 572 that will be released in the fall. I will be one of the people camping out at the Hutzler Store hoping to get the new model. They say that the 572 will be thinner and make paper thin banana slices. You will be able to adjust the slice size. There is also a color code to tell if the banana is ripe or not. Green not ripe. Brown beyond ripe. The future of banana slicing is now people! What a great time to be alive! I will keep my other Hutzlers though. I wouldn't dare throw away or trade in the older models. We have had so many magical slicing memories and laughs. They are like family to me.
  • - Simply the best layman's medical guide, period.This book should be in every home. It was especially designed for people in rural areas without access to a doctor but the medical information is applicable anywhere. The way the information is presented - it is written to be easily understood by anyone and you don't need a medical degree to do so - is impressive. The wealth of information here on a large number of topics, from symptoms to treatment to possible drug side-effects, is also impressive. While most laymans' medical manuals deliberately withhold information and tell you to "see a doctor" for certain things, this book does not. As such it should be extremely valuable for emergencies. It is no substitute for a doctor but is indespensible for those situations where no doctor is available.
  • Yannos D. Misitzis "Yannos" - I think I've seen you people on Yelp!Whenever I see a low rating for a restaurant on Yelp, I go ahead and look at the reasons for people's marking them down. I don't really think "the waiter had a cold," "the music was too loud," or "I went to a wings place and the nachos were awful" are valid criteria to measure the food...

    I understand that people are disappointed/mad. I am DEFINITELY disappointed/mad. But the game is FANTASTIC! It's a brilliant update of the core game and genre to current-day parameters. The ambitions to create a shared experience is something I always wanted to see in SC4, and the ability to manage some (or all) of the cities in a region is exactly what I loved doing in that older iteration (one town for dirty industry, one for tech, one for dense commercial, etc.).

    Origin/EA has done a mortifying job unrolling a very ambitious project. Surely they should provide all who purchased the game ahead-of-time some sort of consolation, even if it's just token in size. Upgrade us all to deluxe, or give us credits to buy future DLC. Anything!

    HAVING SAID THIS: I feel terrible for everyone who made this game and has worked to get the servers optimized. How affected are our lives, really? The creators and administrators (not to mention the PR reps) are A) pariahs to the entire gaming community, B) working as hard as they can to fix the problems (albeit way too little, too late) C) soon to be out of a job (some will be black-sheeped for it all, of course). Again, what is that pain against our minor-to-moderate annoyance?

    Long-winded way to say: Please rate the game, not the way the launch has gone. Creative criticism would speak so much louder than this double-barreled hatred.
  • S. Mayorquin - The Only Book You Need To Pass The GED Test Period!!I purchased this book and studied for about 3 weeks. I took each test, one at a time, and passed each test without ever failing one. I was able to do this after being out of school for 16 years. If you are serious about obtaining your diploma then purchase this book.

    Study for and take each test, as you are ready, and earn your diploma in less than a month like I did. You will not find a better or more complete book for your GED studies. I purchased one other book before buying this one, which did not present the information to you in a precisely structured and easy to understand manner, like this book does. That book is now collecting dust in my garage, that's 20 bucks I'll never see again.

    Buying the right book to study for this test makes all the difference in the world, trust me! The GED test is more about reading and understanding paragraphs, and answering questions about those paragraphs. It is not about memorizing a bunch of facts. Buy your copy today, take and pass the test, and move on with your life.

    P.S I passed the GED with a total score of 3275 out of a possible 4000, that's almost equivalent to a 3.3 GPA, In only 3 weeks!........you do the math....IT WORKS!!!
  • DNAunion - Very informativeI've made it about half way through the book so far and have found it very informative. So far, it is my favorite book (out of 5 I own) on AX 2012.

    Although I have found a couple paragraphs that are basically direct quotes lifted from the MS documentation for AX 2012, the vast majority of the content is original (that is, it is not recognizable (to me) as direct copy-and-paste from existing documentation).

    Further, there is information in the book that I have not run across in any of my reading of MS documentation or MS Customer Source training modules.

    Here is my current ranking of AX 2012 books that I've bought and received so far.

    1) Glad I bought

    a. Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (The Microsoft Dynamics AX Team)
    Aimed at developers and administrators

    b. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: 2nd Edition (Andreas Luszczak)
    Aimed at users

    c. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook (Mindaugas Pocius)
    Aimed at developers. Unique information (X++ code and tips) I've not found elsewhere.

    2) Sort of wish I had not bought

    a. Introduction to Dynamics AX 2012 (Stefan Ramso)
    Aimed at users. Nothing wrong with the book, but, personally, I believe the above 'Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: 2nd Edition' is a good bit better, and the two books are about the same price.

    3) Sorry that I bought

    a. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Security How-To (Ahmed Mohamed Rafik Moustafa)
    Aimed at administrators. A waste of money (you can read more in my review of the book here are Amazon).