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  • Rex Warren - Falling in love with Susan Branch!I couldn't put this book down, and then I wanted it to never end! I felt like I was with Susan and Joe aboard the QE2 and walking thru gardens in England! I could smell the rain and feel the warmth of the fires in the cozy English Pubs! Susan's writing and beautiful watercolor pictures brings you into the place she is writing about! I cannot wait for the next book!

    Connie Sue
  • Sally Jensen - Great service!Arrived early...thanks! Not sure the product works as well as doctor OZ predicted it would...but I sometimes forget to take it 30 minutes before the meal.
  • s.5 "spenceronehalf" - What's Wrong with Drinking Regular Water?There is nothing wrong with this product; I bought one and it works just fine. But after having it for a few months, and spending a few hundred dollars getting CO2 cartridges refilled, I had to ask myself: WHAT IS WRONG WITH DRINKING REGULAR WATER?

    Seriously, folks, if you're interested in reducing waste, then buying this product is not the solution. It's plastic. It's manufactured. And the whole transaction of CO2 cartridges going back-and-forth contributes to your carbon footprint.

    I give the product five stars, but you've gotta ask yourself: Why buy one of these when you can just drink regular water?
  • D. Corbishley - Great tool, more flexible than a GPS aloneI like this because I can plan my entire trip, hit the spots I want to visit, avoid those I don't, with ease. With a GPS you give the address and can give minimal input on what kinds of roads you like, maybe you know a bad traffic area that the GPS does not, too bad. With this software you can plan your route exactly as you like it.