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  • Kathy - Great mysteryThis story is told by the victim of an abduction to her psychiatrist after she comes back home. Since I knew she lived, I really can't say I was scared reading this book, but it was definitely disturbing. The main character, Annie, is a realtor and she is lured into a van on a Sunday afternoon after showing a vacant house to her captor. Once the man (who she calls The Freak) has her, the story kind of becomes like a domestic abuse story and is pretty upsetting - actually more sad than scary. But, she gets back home, and the whole time she was held captive I was not able to figure out how that was going to happen.

    I really don't want to give anything away, but I will say that once the case starts to be solved by the police, I could not believe how the crime happened and who was involved. I was truly shocked. I read quite a few mysteries and watch a lot of true crime TV and I have not seen this senario yet.

    The book is very quick to read and I'm sure will hold your attention like it did mine.
  • William R. Drake - An Outstanding Approach To A Better BackBecause of two herniated discs and sciatica, I did a thorough study of ways to have a healthy back. In the process I ordered about 15 different books from Amazon after studying the reviews left by Amazon readers. One of the books I discovered on, and ordered from, Amazon was Esther Gokhale's 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back. Of the books I studied, if I were to recommend a single book to help one recover from back injury or to avoid back injury, it would be this book. And I have recommended and loaned it to many people. After my doctor borrowed my copy and looked it over, he was impressed enough to buy his own copy and to encourage his patients to adopt some of the book's approaches.

    Because of her own back problem, Esther Gokhale (pronounced "Go-Clay") studied at the L'Institut d'Aplomb in Paris, which teaches a new way of using the body. She also spent a great deal of time in third world countries which had people who often carried heavy loads on their heads, picked up items from ground level all day long, etc., yet did not have back problems. Over time she put together am amazing approach to using the body for standing, bending over, sitting, lying down and walking. This approach helps elongate (decompress) the spine and avoids straining the back.

    Her book is simply marvelous. It is presents her teachings very thoroughly and contains dozens of beautiful pictures of third world people performing challenging tasks with excellent posture. Some of the procedures are very simple to apply and others take a bit of practice.

    Esther has trained over 300 doctors as well as many hundreds of other people at her center in Palo Alto, CA and at other locations. Her work has helped a number of people avoid surgery and it has glowing reviews from quite a few physicians as well as others. (For example: "By using Esther Gokhale's novel techniques, many patients can avoid needless and expensive medical procedures, and quickly return to a pain-free life." - John Adler, MD - Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University Medical Clinic.)

    If one wants to avoid back injury or further back injury, and/or heal from a back injury, I can not recommend this book enough. In addition to the book, one can order a new DVD from Esther's website, "Back Pain The Primal Posture Solution." I first saw this DVD when it was aired on my local public television station as a pledge drive program recently. I have the DVD and it is an important addition to the book because you can see the approach demonstrated with several students. Like the book, the DVD is "first class" and highly recommended. If one wants to go further, he/she can attend one of Esther's workshops. I did that recently and found it extremely valuable.
  • Shopaholic - Fantastic Bike, Involved Assembly RequiredThis bike far exceeded my expectations. I am primarily an in-city and path rider and have appreciated the performance on poorly maintained streets. I've purchased bikes locally for several hundred dollars more than this that have had worse components than this beauty. I followed the advice of several reviews and went ahead and purchased a more comfortable seat. At first the double clamp mount didn't seem large enough for the seat, but as I started to tighten the clamp onto the rails of the seat, the rails just seemed to fit themselves in. I also added a 9" kryptonite lock that fits comfortably mounted high on the inside of the frame toward the front tire without getting in the way (on a 20"/XL bike). The assembly instructions are not sequential, but are part-by-part and are all over the place. I chose the order to do things pretty incorrectly and often had to back-track. However, even without prior building or tuning experience, the documentation was sufficient to help me figure out how to build the bike and tune it to my exact preference. The brakes, derailleurs, and position of everything feel perfect now, which I have never done for myself before. In the end, the experience of working through the build was a definite gain in terms of my confidence to keep my own bike tuned.

    All of the parts feel very solid, and the gears shift cleanly and without much noise (none from the rear derailleur, and a little from the front (Shimano) derailleur going up from first to second gear). The derailleurs most definitely need to be adjusted in order to work cleanly, so expect this extra slightly involved task. Also, the handles seem perhaps on the firmer side and my hands feel sore after a long ride even with heavy gloves on. I might go in for some soft handles come springtime.

    Also, the snow can be pretty heavy here in Boston during the winter, and my road bike has an impossible time after a storm, but this bike handles moderate snow and ice well.

    In all, I love this purchase and definitely trust this company! Also, to respond to a previous complaint I read about parts coming poorly packaged to where they were bent and/or scratched, I'd say that the manufacturer has perhaps responded the this because the packaging seemed sufficient and nothing came blemished (more than expected) or bent (at all).

    Definitely purchase this bike if it's in your budget range.
  • Stephanie Sullivan - A good desktop referenceWindows Server 2012 Inside Out covers just about every topic about Windows Server 2012. The book is the very comprehensive. With this it is also a MASSIVE physical book. The literal size and weight of the book is a great argument for the Kindle version. The kindle version is also less expensive. When the book weighs more than your laptop or tablet it's time to go kindle!

    I could end almost this review by saying William R. Stanek. I have been a fan of his windows books for years and his authorship alone speaks to the quality of information within the book and its useful organization.

    This is a reference, not a "learn visually" or really a beginners book at all. It has everything needed to get someone with windows workstation experience up to speed on Server 2012 or help someone who has worked with an older version of Windows Server like me. The Stanek books on Windows Server have been very helpful for me when I go outside the subset of server management in my comfort zone or things I do on a regular basis. It's a great reference for those tasks that fall off my skill set without frequent use.

    For people moving from older versions of Windows Server, you get coverage of hyperv and new features with Server 2012.

    With any book there will be things where more information might be needed or some specialized situations that are not covered. Such is the case even in a huge work like this one. By the time I'm in that far out in the weeds I'm searching Microsoft support and Microsoft Technet to get those details.

    As with all the inside out books the printing and binding are fine quality. The tactile nature of the paper is a pleasure. The illustration and screen grabs are all B&W/grayscale which is appropriate for this type of book. The weight of the book means I want to read it at a desk, not sitting on the Sofa. It's just too heavy! Like I said at the beginning, I think that is the best argument to get the Kindle version.
  • Patricia G. Saunders "pats1403" - Downton Abbey Wins AgainAll those who love the Downton Abbey series will want a copy of this engagement calendar. It is filled with photos of the actors and scenery from this program. The spaces on the weekly diary pages are large enough to accommodate appointment entries--or journal thoughts if that is preferred. A nice complement are the full-year calendar and notes area that allows plenty of room for additional planning and contact information. The spiral binding adds to the flexibility of using this delightful addition to the world of engagement calendars.