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  • James Raskob - Joss does it againI didn't read comic books when I was growing up, so I can't say how faithful the current movie/TV franchise has been to them. I do think this is a great series on its own merits. The characters are interesting and have potential for growth and development, the dialogue is witty and the timing is excellent. There is plenty of action but not so much that you get bored with it (a problem I've had in some recent movies, especially, where I'm just waiting for the fight to get to its inevitable conclusion and move on with the plot).

    Joss, as always, delivers some unexpected but brilliant moments that I never saw coming.

    I'm really hoping ABC lets this one run for a while.
  • Allan Meeks - amazing productivityI have had my Prime for a week now. I have tested just about every aspect of use that would be usable for my needs.
    WiFi/Bluetooth/video playback/PDF reading/battery life/Web Surfing

    *WiFi I have had no issues for connecting with anything. I'm not to particularly needy with my signal strength so i have not really been to anal about the strength but if I can send a wireless print job to a machine over 300 ft away its all good, connecting to customer's WiFi signals, Hospital WiFi and anything that my iPod Touch picks up my Transformer Prime will pick up.

    *Bluetooth I have been syncing any device or phone to send mp3's, and video left and right

    *Video Playback, I run many point of sale booths for concessions at local events. Using this for video has been very good for the one event used so far. I have downloaded 1080p resolution videos and this tablet has yet to hiccup.

    *PDF reading, I know this would be a standard for many thing that has adobe acrobat but It is important for me like tonight When I sat down with a few doctors that wanted documented proof of product information, so i just used Polaris office to bring up the information. I'm also using this as a replacement for Service manual, Service documentation, Part breakdowns for any equipment that I would normally need a laptop to look up or an internet connection.

    *battery life, I pull my transformer Prime off of the charger at about 7:30am and i usually get home about 5pm. that's about 9-1/2 I'm usually at about 45% to 30% battery life after using it for the above uses

    *Web Surfing, when ever I go to a customer site I connect to the internet and log in and out for work, check my companies dispatch screens to look for what i am to do for the day. I also use it for connecting through a VPN to look at inventory for parts and pricing Inquiries. and to check on company vehicle GPS to look for other local technicians to assist if need be. I have used the installed browser and added Firefox, i have to say that using Firefox seems to be faster for certain sites and ASUS's browser seems to be better for others. its all where i need to go to know what browser to use.

    I have noticed a problem with the screen glitching when i have a lot of programs running, but closing this out ends that.
    I have yet to see any real problems with any hardware or software.

    btw if you are looking for a game get RIPTIDE!!!
  • G. Lopez - Well written Ann!This is the second book I have read by Ann Coulter. Love it! I see that Ann Coulter has her research well done. I'm still new at reading about politics so I often check the sources, citations etc...doesn't take much since all the information is provided and I can go on the internet:-) People who criticize the author are clearly not fact checking or reading the books.

    It's hard for some people to accept that we have corrupt politicians in our government and that those that expose them are shot down with pure hatred, are called liars and other explitives. Remember, our politicians work for us. It should not be the other way around. We should know the truth and Throw The Bums Out!

    I do love the authors wit and sarcasm. She is highly intelligent, beautiful, truthful, humorous, and successful. That's why her critics hate her so much! I love what she says on p.416, middle pp of "How To Talk To A Liberal (if you must)." I would love a huge poster size of that!
  • happysleeper - Best pillow I have ever slept on!My life is so much better and I am a more friendly, pleasant person than before I got MyPillow. I used to have a hard time falling asleep, awakened many times during the night sweaty and with a sore neck and shoulder. I suffered from Migraines several times per month, sometimes for two or more days at a time. Now I adjust MyPillow before laying down on it, then usually fall asleep within 2-5 minutes and sleep very well through the night, until my cats wake me up for breakfast. I have not experienced a sweaty head and neck since I started sleeping on MyPillow and the neck and shoulder pain that used to continue through most days is gone. I have very few headaches these days, which I am sure are hormone-, not pillow-related. I was a huge skeptic until I started sleeping on MyPillow. Now I hope that I can sleep on MyPillow every night for the rest of my life. I am also thinking about getting pet pillows for my cats.
  • Debbie - Thick curly hairIf you have thick curly hair, this is perfect for you. I never use shampoo because it strips your hair of all its natural oils, and when you have curly hair, you need all the oils you can get. ( lack of oils makes the dreaded frizz). So I wash my hair with conditioner ( personally I like Pantene for curly hair), put on a little leave in conditioner ( I like Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask ) and towel dry ( just pat hair minimally with towel or you will frizz later). Then I apply about 3 drops Dermorganic ( depends on hair thickness and length) and scrinch throughout my hair. You can let dry natural but I prefer blow dry, with a defuser. When pretty much blown dry, I then put another 3 or so drops of Dermorganic in. The last step reduces fizz through out the day. If you use more it will leave a slight shine to your hair.

    The Dermorganics lasts me many months, so its well worth the price.