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Ivanhoe Endoscopy Centre | Melbourne | Colonoscopy | Gastroscopy | Skin Cancer Surgery | Pill Cam - The Ivanhoe Endoscopy Centre is a day procedure and endoscopy facility. Services includes Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, Pill cam, Capsule endoscopy, Open access endoscopy, Hydrogen breath test, Sugar intolerance, Vasectomy, Skin cancer surgery. Ivanhoe, Melbourne


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  • emily bulat - PR'd in most recent marathon in theseI've run 5 marathons and up until this past weekend, I always wore my racing flats for any race. I'd been training in the Wave Rider 16s and decided to give them a shot at the marathon. I'm glad I did. My feet did so well. The shoes breathe great on the top and they're lighter than the previous version (15). After running the full marathon, my feet surprisingly had no foot pain. Awesome shoes.
  • Sheila J - This is a mustMany medical providers use this on a daily basis and now I understand why, it's very helpful!
    It was shipped promptly and the condition was just as it said. Would recommend product and seller.
  • Kathleen Kelly "Celticlady" - The ReturnedThe story is basically about people rising from the dead, but not in a dead zombie type of way, but in a way that they were never gone. One thing I loved and hated was that he gave no explanation as to why this was happening, why the departed were suddenly returning as if they had never left. As a reader, I always want an explanation but as an author, I understand his lack of explanation. Sometimes in life, things can't always be explained and you either have to go with it or waste your life searching for answers. In this case, the characters Harold and Lucille tried finding an explanation, but eventually just accepted the fact their son Jacob was back, after all those years and took it as a blessing.

    Not every character felt the same about the returned. The returned showed up and looked for their loved ones and the living constantly had issues coming to terms with how their world was changing. Most importantly, this book forces you to take a serious look at humanity and how we as a people treat others who are different. Or treat people differently because they are something we don't understand. I think it's a great way for Jason Mott to have spoken about the nature of people in this world today.

    I also liked how each chapter alternated between what was happening in Arcadia, the city where the book takes place, and personal stories of other people, strangers, finding their loved ones. It was interesting to read what other people in other parts of the country and world were experiencing.

    The book overall is a great read. It is slightly dark and a bit depressing at times, but more mystical and interesting. The ending isn't the way I would have ended it, as I would have provided an explanation, but going along with the theme of the book, I understand why Mott ended it the way he did.

    Received a copy of this book from Netgalley and was not monetarily compensated for the review.