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  • Roxanne Mchenry "eBook Publishing Expert, Wri... - Very Easy and StraightforwardI went through the process of creating a will in the past through an attorney, but the cost was over $500 (that will is no longer valid). I bought this software to avoid the cost and hassle of having to go to an attorney for creating a simple will this time around.

    The install and instructions were easy and straight forward. In my state you need to have the will notarized in front of witnesses, but beyond that you can do-it-yourself with this product -- no headaches or real issues.
  • Sarah Kilgour - Great lessonsI have recently been through some awful things in my life. Seizure, brain tumor, cancer... yeah, pretty sad. But I have been looking for books that will not allow me to feel sorry for myself. This book is JUST what the doctor ordered! I learned (am learning) so much about resiliency, flexibility and caring for people through this woman's experience. I absolutely love it.
  • Janice "Avid Reader" - Excellent ResultsI am an African American female with very coarse, dry, relaxed hair that was severely damaged from using chemicals and heat appliances. I also work out and sweat in my hair. I have used the two step protein treatment twice now (4 weeks apart), following the directions exactly. In between the treatments I followed the recommended regiment for damaged hair, using the Shampoo for Damaged Hair, the two minute reconstructor and the green tea reconsturizer. Because their moisturizer is too light for my hair type, I use it only for 5 min as instructed and then do a deep conditioner (20 min. under a hooded dryer) using my Carol's Daughter product. After only 6 weeks my hair is doing great. My hair has always looked dry and would shed and break easily. Shedding is minimal and it looks and feels soft and shiny. What a difference. I would highly recommend this treatment if your hair is relaxed and damaged. Follow the directions as stated on the bottle for the two step treatment and you'll be very pleased with the results. To prevent the dryness protein treatments can cause, I deep condition with my Carol's Daughter product after each shampoo. I also do a hot oil treatment with olive oil and jojoba oil before I shampoo. Leaving it on for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer. I've cut back on the heat to once a week right after I shampoo. Once I set the curls if I need to touch them up, I use rollers or pin curls. A few weeks ago this would have been impossible to do. Great product.