International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine - The International Society for the History of Islamic Medicine was established to investigate and highlight the heritage of Islamic Medicine and the contribution of Muslim Physicians in medical history.

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  • Sylvia Hall - Heart stopping again!Hard to put down, you want to know what the bad guys are up to next as it is very fast moving. Great to see the kids growing up but also scary as they are also in danger.

    Without giving away the ending I really can't wait for the next book in the series. Please make it fast.

    Definitely a book that Patterson followers need to read.
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    The website says it can take up to three months to work, for me and for my friend, it took just one bottle. Good luck!
  • Mary McMahon - Downloaded on Android, Windows 8 PC and Windows 7 laptopopNorton was easy to install and works well on all products. I encountered a problem when I first tried to install on my PC, which still had another brand of security software that need to be taken off. I called and customer service was great. I got a follow up call to let me know I could call them if I had any further issues.