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  • M. Rader - Looks great, perfect height 2011 ChargerOn a 2011 Charger removal is very easy; take a butter knife or other skinny tool & work it between the existing shifter knob & plastic bezel at bottom. Pry the bezel off by working your way around. Once you have it off it will just fall to the bottom of the shifter shaft. Next you just need to take something skinny & poke it through the little hole near the top of the exposed area on the drivers side. This pushes the little clip out & the old knob comes right off. To install new one, just side it down facing the correct direction, pushing firmly to be sure & go as far as you can. Tighten the tiny allen screw just to snug & that's it. Gives your cockpit a whole new look.
  • My Stuff "Sheri" - Versatile, feature-packed tabletI use my Samsung Galaxy Tab to check email, update/visit social sites and to do some light word processing. It also holds my photos while I'm on vacation. I bought a card reader that plugs right in and I take the SD card out of my camera and transfer the photos to the tablet. I've used it's GPS features to locate places on maps and the screen is easier to see than a small GPS or phone. The Android operating system makes it work just like my phone--easy to use, versatile, and lots of apps available. I also use it to Skype, making it great for trips away from home. The upward-facing speakers make music sound incredible. I checked out the specs and compared it to other tablets and I know I made the right decision. I won't go into that here, there are other reviews that do a great job discussing features. I'm just telling you that I love it and am very pleased.
  • Valerie Matteson "Bookaholic" - Terrific romantic suspense thriller!The story begins 25 years ago as the "Watcher" who likes to see the secret, private things that people did when they think they are alone is watching Harry in his dilapidated ranch. It is cold and Harry had to die according to the Watcher. He felt betrayed by Harry. He goes in and Harry wakes up so the Watcher is forced to stab Harry. He removes the body and sets the old house on fire.

    It is now present day and someone who has been harassing Rachel Parker has painted in red "Leave town or die, you f___g whore" on her freshly painted white barn. Rachel hadn't been home in ten years or so when she returned to Westbury in northeastern Pennsylvania. She suspects it is her brother-in-law who might be doing it. He is married to her younger sister Sarah and they have two little girls. Troy is a drunk and a very mean one!

    Rachel gets a call from her sister Sarah to come pick up Sarah and her daughters as Troy is drunk and going after Sarah. Rachel also calls 911 on her way giving them Sarah's address. Mike O'Connell, Westbury's chief of police, is surprised to find Rachel holding Troy in an arm bar! Sarah is on the floor knocked out and the girls hiding.

    Without giving away anymore, this is a fascinating and suspenseful story that will keep the reader guessing as to what person is the Watcher and why they want Rachel out of the way or worse! The romance is also nicely done and not over-the-top.
  • Cheryl Stout "broiderqueen - army mama" - Still thinking about this one...If you are a woman, you've probably had that uncomfortable, maybe frightening, moment of getting on an elevator alone with a strange man, or walking down a dark street by yourself and having a man come up behind you, or being the last person to leave your office building on a dark night and walking by yourself to your car. I don't care how brave you think you are, your heart beats faster or you walk a little quicker or you step back out of the elevator and wait for the next one.

    "Still Missing" starts out by capitalizing on that fear. The protagonist Annie is a realtor at the tail-end of an open house she has hosted. Just as she is getting ready to close up, a successful looking man shows up acting interested in the property. Against her better judgement Annie decides to stay long enough to show him the property and because of this is abducted.

    This novel explores not only the time period that she was held against her will but the physical, emotional and sexual abuse she had to endure during that time.

    I appreciated the author's use of narratives of the sessions Annie had with one of her therapists to detail that abuse. The narratives also showed that the travails and calamities did not end once she returned home. Minor triumphs, major setbacks and the realization that her life would never go back to "normal".

    This is an outstanding debut novel by Chevy Stevens and I hope to read much more by this gifted Canadian author in the future.
  • crackerjack06 - Sounds Good!Installed on a '13 F-150 Crew cab with the 6.5' bed. I really like the exhaust, it lets through a little bit of turbo whine, and sounds pretty good doing it. It's actually a little quieter than I expected, especially at idle, but I'm OK with that. The tt3.5L definitely sounds different than a v8, and that took a bit to get used to.

    It installed fairly simple, basic exhaust... One thing I did different than the instructions said, was the mid-pipe cut for the 157" wheelbase. Instructions said to cut 6" off. I only cut 3.5" off and am very happy with the fit there...
    Also, not sure what happened during shipping but both the flange bolts were floating around the box freely and the nuts were gone... Not a big deal, but had to make a Lowe's run mid project.