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  • Desert Reader - School Days: Coming of Age in the mid-20th CenturyThis autobiographical book tells the story of a small town boy who had Tom Sawyer-like adventures. He married early, settled down to study, and became a world-reknowned writer and professor at the University of Pittsburgh. It is a great read for anybody who grew up in a small town especially in the mid-1950s.
  • TubaGuy - What a bonus!I've only had the WD My Book Live Duo for a week, but so far, so good. Easy install, all devices on my network (so far) can see it, set up was a breeze (if a bit slow), streaming multiple jobs from and to the drive seems just like a regular drive in the computer. Very happy so far. Next task is to set up a personal cloud. I expext that to go well, but we shall see...

    UPDATE 3/22/2013: Living with my Cloud Drive is great. I was able to set up the Cloud feature and easily stream music to my tablet while at work. I noticed no dropouts and I only have DSL at home. This thing continues to impress me.