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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 33602 Tampa, Florida

  • J. Maclauchlan "Lab Lover" - Changed my dad's lifeI bought this shirt as a gift for my dad as a joke, but the joke's on me. I didn't realize how much raw power was harnessed by the three wolves and moon. This is not a toy. You will be stopped, praised, and given nods of respect wherever you go. This shirt may cause marital problems if you are a man, because so many women will hit on you. I only wish there were more wolves and moons on the shirt.
  • G K - Great TabletGreat tablet I like it much better then the apple. Easy to use as well. This is a great gift for anyone that is looking for a tablet good for school work or everyday use.
  • Nancy - Best $26 I've Ever Spent!!!!!!!The strategies the book teach you really work. The CD practice test get you in the mode of actually sitting for the real exam. I took my test last Friday. Passed on the first try with just 90 questions. Best feeling ever!!! Totally worth buying and spending a month or two studying and prepping.
  • Yourwaterguy - They finally got it right.I have used QB for 15 years, most of that time on windows PCs. A few years ago we switched to Mac and therefore to QB for Mac. The Mac version of QB was anemic compared to the windows version. I was not happy with intuit because of all the deficiencies but was madder still at windows (vista was the deal breaker) so we plodded along with QB for Mac trying to keep the grumbling down to a quiet roar. Occasionally I would shoot a complaining email off to them or go on a short rant if I had QB on the phone. On occasion I would unload to anyone in the office who happened to be there. Getting ready for mountain lion I decided to get the new version and swallow the expense. Very glad I did. Every complaint I had was addressed in this new version and even beyond. There are features that are very helpful that I hadn't even considered. I have threatened to switch to another program many times and only now am I happy I didn't.
    Well done intuit.