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  • Eric Chappell - Top Notch Beginner's BookMr. Gladfelter does an incredible job of satisfying the "No Experience Required" aspect of this book while at the same time covering the topics with a surprising level of depth. Although it is written in a way that enables virtually anybody to pick the book up and begin learning AutoCAD, it does not merely "skim the top" of AutoCAD but continues each topic's journey beyond the basics and into the more advanced concepts. This book is designed for someone completely new to AutoCAD and if read and worked through completely, it will turn that person into a solid AutoCAD user.
  • K. M. Martin - Kept Me Up Way Past My BedtimeSHE CAN TELL was an amazing thrill-ride that kept me on the edge of my seat and frantically turning the pages until way past my bedtime. Rachel Parker is back in her tome town in Pennsylvania after her riding career ending in a fall that almost killed her. She is trying to fix up the farm she inherited from her grandfather and get her horse training business off the ground. Unfortunately, she faces opposition from her younger sister's abusive husband and an unknown stalker who wants her dead.

    Police Chief Mike O'Connell has a full load too. He has on officer out on medical leave which leaves the force short-handed even without demands from some City Council members to provide special protection to the company developing some lakefront property which is being targeted by vandals and picketers. He's already feeling guilty that he didn't spot the murderer who almost killed a friend's fiance sooner. He is wearing himself out trying to do everything even before Rachel's problems start.

    Rachel and Mike are attracted to each other as soon as they meet but are kept apart by his desire not to compromise his investigation by having a personal relationship with Rachel and her feeling that she would never be able to love someone which stems from her childhood.

    I loved both Mike and Rachel. They were both immensely protective of those they loved. They were smart and grown-up. The conflicts in their relationship were very realistic. The romance in this story made sense.

    The mystery part of the plot was well-done too. I was surprised to find out the identity of the stalker but, when I looked back, I could see that the author had left clues for me that I missed. There were lots of potential villains and lots of plot twists to keep me entertained and involved in the story.

    Hints at the events in SHE CAN RUN, the first book in this series, made it necessary for me to add that title to my Kindle too. I can't wait to read that one too. Fans of romantic suspense who enjoy fast-paced stories with lots of twists and turns and who want a romance that features two strong characters will really enjoy this title.
  • AEH&EKH "erik1132" - BEST umbrella stroller!After much research, I purchased this stroller for our trip to Rome. It was a great investment! It did not get damaged during gate check despite not being in a bag. We used it for several miles a day for 8 days and it handled cobblestone, pebble/gravel, pot holes and everything we put it through (Was a breeze seeing the Roman Forum!). We had a bit of rain and a lot of sun and the sunshade protected our daughter nearly entirely. (We used our Rain or Shine Kids Woobee blanket to cover her legs/feet during heavy rain.) We're now back home and the only difference between now and out of the box is it is a little dusty.

    If you need an umbrella stroller that will take a lot of beatings this is it! It's much pricier than others, but you get what you pay for.
  • Dorothy J. Gazda - Spore, the GameSpore is a fun, imaginative game based on the principles of evolution and adaptation. You take a creature all the way from being a single cell organism all the way to civilization and beyond. In between you are met with various challenges, such as whether to kill another species or befriend it. It you really dedicate yourself you can finish the entire game in about four hours. It's not overly complicated but a good educational tool as well as a more intellectual way to pass the time.
  • Tasha Mazza-Kelton - Safest, Coolest and HANDS DOWN best car seat on market!!!If you are a family of 5 (3 kids still in carseats) read no further and just buy 3 Foonfs!!! We have a 5 yr old daughter and twin 2 yr old girls which means options for 3 seats across are near non-existent. The Foonfs are slim in terms of width but I have to say they are much wider in the interior seat part then the Britax's we had before. Nevermind the safety of the seats is by far the best - we did our research here as should you. I mean they are heavy but it makes you realize that all other seats are just plastic and styrofoam which is like air in a car accident.

    We also drive a Mercedes eClass sedan so don't have a big SUV and the 3 seats fit easily side by side. Plus the look of the seats are really like the Apple of the car seat industry you won't find anything cooler.

    Our family feels like for the first time a car seat company built a product for families with more then 2 kids. Thanks CLEK!!!!!!