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  • Il-Rev - Keeping It Short and SweetThis is a wonderful bundle, and it's official: people have nothing to complain about left, so they say that the newest PS3 is "loud". Listen my friends...I've had my xbox 360 since DAY ONE of release. Yes, the one that buzzes like there is no tomorrow. If you compare these two consoles in terms of how loud they are, and I will guarantee that you will feel sorry about what you said is considered "loud". I BARELY hear the disc reading while a game is playing on this PS3. People are too spoiled.

    Anyways, for anyone else, if there are any left, get this bundle because it comes with good games and it's a great price. Done and done.
  • J. Davis - Even with Dual Core, Still a Great Little TabletI've had a Nexus 7 and Nook HD+, but I just got this and am insanely glad I did so.

    The Nexus had a degrading processor, so while it was fast, it would get slower with each update. The Nook HD+ was beautiful to view, but very unwieldy and slower than molasses. This is the sweet spot: beautiful to view, light to hold, and surprisingly nimble. I may upgrade to the HDX next year, but if you are a reader and sometime video watcher, this tablet is fantastic.