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  • Laura Bank Witte - Life changing!Cameron has done a phenomenal job with this book. It is definitely time consuming to go through all of the activities, but what in life is worthy that doesn't take some effort? It helps you to find your passion and bring out your creative side. It's a great complement to Pearls of Wellness (Pearls of Wellness 52 Inspirations to Achieve a Peaceful Body, Mind, and Spirit).
  • Penelope - Yet another rave review for this bookI thought I should add my voice to the chorus of people who have been helped tremendously by the ideas in this book. I have ulcerative colitis which has become progressively worse over the years, helped along by an increase in the stress of the jobs I was taking on. I was getting sick for months at a time, multiple times a year, and felt so tired, in pain, and had such a foggy mind - not to mention the frequent, painful trips to the toilet.

    After a scare this year, being threatened with either losing my colon sometime soon, or going on to much higher-risk medication, I have been implementing the principles underlying this diet whilst sticking to my old lower-risk medication (Pentasa). I haven't even been following the diet rigidly, but I've been totally well for 6 months now and can function effectively in my work. All I've done is cut out all lactose and most starchy carbohydrates, and cut down on sugars. I don't have a constant desire to lie down and sleep, and I would say I now have fewer GI problems than a healthy person. My gastroenterologist is very happy with the results, having recently done a colonoscopy on me that found that my colon is now perfectly fine. She is now reading the book herself, as she's heard quite a few recommendations from her patients.

    This diet may not work for everyone but if you have a choice between scary possibilities (high-risk medication, extreme surgery, eventual bowel cancer) or a little self-restraint and denial (avoiding some foods you might like), then the choice to me is clear. Everyone with these sorts of problems should at least TRY the ideas in this book, down to the letter, for at least a month, and see how they go.

    Update 18 June 2010: Still healthy and symptom free 1.5 years later... that is amazing considering my previous history of getting sick at least once every 3 months. :)
  • SPED681 - Love My New QuickenI was using the 1997 version of Quicken but when I upgraded my computer I also had to upgrade Quicken. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. It connects to my bank and reconciling my checkbook is nothing more than a push of a button. It is easy to use, colorful, and gives me all kinds of reports to help me keep up with my spending. The only thing I don't particularly care for is the budget portion. Nevertheless I would recommend it to anyone who wants to track their finances.
  • C. Meyer - Resiliant childrenI heard once that children who know their family history are more resilient than children who don't. The first thing that popped into my head was Elizabeth Smart, so I bought her book to see how that worked for her. I'm sure she could have talked more about her family history in that context, but even then she did mention her grandfather who had just passed away and her pioneer heritage. People were amazed at the way she was able to recover from her bad experience without the help of therapists and it goes right back to her family.