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  • kevin maguire - just right!!not to big fit well among all the stuff a round the tv. it's a ps3 the best the game consoles by far if i wanted to game on xbox platform i would use my pc.... i just hope it stands the test of time like all games dust is the bigist threat so i will keep it clean and hope it last till i can get a good deal on ps4...
  • Elle - This product is worth every penny!This is my first time ever writing a review on Amazon but I truly believe in this product to be great for my body and a great investment towards your overall health. I first was introduced to G.O.L through the creator's book on a raw diet I was given as a gift while participating in a 3k walk. The book was very informative about raw diets but I found his products pricey and I didn't want to buy it online.

    One day in the Vitamin Shoppe, I came across this product and the store manager was telling me how he did a one month detox drinking only this product and as a result he was able to successfully come off medication for diabetes. I wanted to try it but the price for the gallon was so much for me but luckily Vitamin Shoppe sold individual packets for $4. I bought 5 for the week and I saw improvement in my skin fast. I've been struggling with acne for over 2 years and my boyfriend right away noticed my skin improving over just one week. I had bowel movements regularly and daily and not to mention my energy was high. One night after work, my coworkers and I went out to a hookah bar I was dancing ALL night and I wasn't even drinking lol I had so much energy and I felt great. The moment I ran out I was caught up in school, moving, and work I stopped taking it for about 2 weeks and my acne came back alongside with slight constipation (but I was taking iron pills). I knew immediately that this meal replacement was good because I noticed my body before and after taking it.

    About the taste: the original is a bit nasty but when you're full of energy and your digestive system is improving who cares about taste. I just bought the gallon yesterday and I bought the chocolate flavor. I couldn't taste the flavor with water but today I used organic milk and it tasted a lot better. I will use almond milk next time cause I like the taste better.

    In conclusion, I love this product it has done wonders for my body and I feel great knowing that every single ingredient in this meal replacement is organic and raw.
  • The Bananaman - Life ChangingSome of these reviews are very silly. I think that you all should be more thoughtful and not make fun of this product so much. As for me, this was a really great addition to my cutlery. I sliced off one of my or my children's fingers almost every time I had to use a banana for a meal, which is a lot. I have 10 kids. That's a lot of fingers. It states in the description that it is dishwasher safe as well; for me, this may be even more important than the safety of my children's fingers. We have a TON of fingers between the 11 of us (12 if you include the wife, but she's more of a reserve) but we only have ONE dishwasher. The knives I had been using, bloodstained and gooey from fresh banana, broke my dishwasher every time. Do you know how frustrating that is? Maybe you do. That's probably why you're checking this thing out. It helps a lot, though the one knock is that it's not as great for cereal as the ad suggests. Highly recommended
  • AmyMoorer - Roger Leo - Wifi BabyRoger Leo provided me with amazing customer support in configuring my WifiBaby to ensure proper use via the internet and with my iphone. He was extremely patient and knew exactly what he was doing as a technical support person. His help was invaluable and we love the picture quality and performance thus far. Thank you!