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  • Tracy - GETTING IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALREADY!This is a fantasic book...her writing is easy to read, you can imagine her telling her story. Many school board members, business owners and city officials would benefit from this book to be able to push back on the athiests who are nothing but big fat bullies, trying to make trouble. Dont they have anything better to do with their lives? Anyway, lots of good family stories she shares with us.
  • BJS - very usefulIf your pain is bad enough and your medical situation is hopeless enough that death seems preferable, the one thing you don't want to do is fail, leaving yourself in an even worse situation, and causing serious problems for other people. This book provides information not available elsewhere and a framework for thinking about one of the most serious decisions anyone can make.
  • Katherine McCarthy "kath e. miller" - Read the Instructions FirstDisclaimer: I did not buy this pan. I was given it as a birthday gift from a friend who bought hers, and mine, at WalMart. She told me to season it first. As an owner of my Grandma's cast iron frying pan - 80 years and counting - I know the rules about seasoning, cleaning, and using so you keep that frying surface functional.

    Anyway. I am following a fat-free health program to manage my diabetes and related health issues, not the least of which is losing weight. When my friend told me she made eggs in this thing without any oil of any kind I was skeptical. I'll be darned - the omelette I made sans fat was flawless. Fluffy, nicely browned, and slid right out of the frying pan without sticking. Sweet!

    Got it. Seasoned it. Have been using it since March. I had one instance where salmon skin burned and stuck to the fry pan. It could have been the marinade which has orange juice. Or it could have been my inept cooking skills. I got the baking soda, a few drops of water, and it cleaned right up to "new" state. I seasoned it again. Works fine.

    OK. This is not Cordon Bleu cookery. It's a cheap frying pan. I'm ordering 3 for my sister-in-law, brother and sister. This will be the first time I'm getting stuff mailed to me so the claims about dented, damaged, different saute pans may turn out to be true. If so, I will edit this review.

    But if you got it via WalMart, and took the time to follow instructions, this pan works just fine and will last as long as any other $20 pan. Lord knows my much more expensive Calphalon have proven to be completely worthless as stick-free frying pans. I've bought several of those and they don't deliver nearly as well as this cheap, cheesy saute pan from a chain store.
  • Christina L Scrivner - #3....YEA!Yes, I have purchased three of these and the Kindle is great. This first Kindle I purchased was for an elderly room mate that was an avid reader. She had difficulty reading but with the adjustable font size reading became a true pleasure for her again. The second Kindle was somewhat the same circumstance....BUT #3 was for ME and I love it.