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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

City: Nuremberg, Bavaria

  • T. Elis "T. Elis" - VERY fun Christian music CDNow, I know we all have different taste in music, so if you don't agree with my opinion, I understand.
    It's just hard for me to come across a "best hits" or different groups CD where I like most of the songs...
    This CD (set of 2, actually) is the exception for me. There's great variety on it, and I love many, many
    of the songs. You get a lot of different styles, popular songs, and some that we don't really hear much on
    Christian stations, but that are good, too! I'm very happy with it. I play this in my car or when just hanging
    around the house for uplifting Christian music.
  • Ralph Pasana - Great Reference BookI bought this book after my professor introduced it to me during her lecture on disaster nursing. She used it in Africa and Port Au Prince and said it was super helpful. It has anything from simple fixes for breaks and sprains and even procedures that a doctor would normally perform that someone can refer to if they absolutely had to for whatever reason. I bought it just as a quick reference.
  • Cynthia Beach - Hurray Dr Phil!I have been listening to Dr Phil for years. There are times I need to be knocked on the head to get me out of my box. This book was helpful for me in a more of a language shift. Several other self helpers had addressed this issue for me before and I didn't get it. Dr Phil had a wonderful way in wording this issue so I didn't blame myself and found the gentle yet persistent way to get myself prepared for living my life 'in the world' as it is. Thanks Dr Phil.
  • Ashbash - SweatBlock is amazing!!SO after finally convincing myself about purchasing Sweat Block, i didnt really expect anything spectacular to happen! Honestly ive tried everything!First night was very tingly and almost hurt a slight bit, but i would undergo any kind pain if it meant reducing/eliminating my problem.The Next day was ironically the hottest day of the summer and no sweat whatsoever! my underarms had almost a powdery finish that felt fresh!After using sweat block 3 months sweat free, it stopped working :(I gave my armpits a 1 month break and am going to use it 3 nights in a row see what happens :) but yes please do purchase!!!!