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  • latoya - wasnt as good as everybody was saying...edit, to say i love iti relax my hair and was in need of protein badly so i got this and the shampoo. ok first i have to tell you this stuff doesn't smaell bad like everybody was saying it smells toxic i had the bathroom door closed and almost died i had to hold my breath the whole time. then on the bottle it says comb it through your hair before it dries which is impossible since it dries so fast and if i did comb my hair it would have fell out and make sure the water is running so you can wash off you hands as soon as your done cause it will stick to your hands, ok after i dried my hair and washed it out i deep conditioned and my hair felt so strong that i didnt feel like i had to be be super gentle with my hair but it was stiff and dry, now that i think about it it's been maybe 2 weeks since i put this in and my hair and it has never been drier no matter what i do

    EDIT... now that i have been using this for a couple of months i can tell you that while it still smells toxic it works, my hair is so much stronger and to combat the dryness i use cholesterol after im done and i will continue to use this product
  • Tammy - Yes, its got a pungent odor, but by golly, it works!!I purchased this for my 5 year old, 8 pound Chihuahua mix. He began suffering from seizures while on the Frontline type flea medications so I have been looking for a better alternative for him. A combination of daily flea combing, regular baths, brewer's yeast sprinkled in his food, and the Vet's Best spray seems to be doing the trick! He was never terribly infested with fleas (5 or 6 on a bad day), but since starting this routine, I at most occasionally find one. It does have a strong odor, but I find if I spray it on him before letting him outside in the morning it seems to dissipate pretty well. It also leaves a bit of a residue on his coat, so I do bathe him regularly. Since I'm not willing to see him suffer any more seizures, this is an excellent alternative! I would recommend it highly.
  • M. Nusair - Norton antivirus for a 2009 Mac MiniAt first, I followed the instructions that came with the disk and clicked on the "install" button and was told that the computer operating system was not compatible with the program. However, I did notice that the disc had a note on it's package that said "Includes version for Mac OS etcetc" (I can't recall the exact numbers but it was my machine's OS) so I looked at the disk contents and discovered that there was a subfolder that had a separate set of install files for the older system. I then clicked on that and all went well!

    The program works seamlessly, as it's previous version did. I had uninstalled the previous version before installing this one just to make life easier in case of conflict, and everything worked.

    The one criticism I would have for Norton is that the auto-install facility should direct the user to the older version, which is on the same disk after all, rather than simply say that it was incompatible and cause a good deal of frustration and heartburn for a few minutes. It might also cause fewer calls to customer service - I was about a minute away from calling when I decided to hunt around in the disk and see if the other version was there.

    I bought this from Amazon and their associated seller delivered it very promptly. It arrived just a couple of days after I placed the order.
  • Idaho Gem - Yet another winner.You just can't go wrong with the Southern Living series of cookbooks and this year was no exception. The recipes I have tried are scrumptious. I got this in the Kindle version because it was so cheap. It is a little harder to browse and find recipes. I wish I would have gotten the printed one.