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  • T. M. Reed - What a lifesaver!This book is truly a lifesaver, and it's updated every year. I have not had to look for a job in 20 years, and didn't truly know how to write a professional resume. Not only did I learn alot about writing resumes but I also learned alot about myself! This is a book I will keep close at hand always. I love it!
  • My Fake Name - Ninja opportunities rare but there*****

    First, this is NOT one of those "All-Access" passes for individuals to all of the best concerts in the world in 2013, which I already have a couple lifetime versions of thanks to Paul and Mick. You know, where you are allowed to go ANYWHERE backstage or on the buses or airplanes or in the hotel rooms and no one from anybody's security detail will stop you. For this I subtract one star.

    Nope, the product under review, McAfee All Access Individual 2013, turns out to be a suite of programs you can add to your computer and your smartphone to help protect them against unwanted emails and texts and such viruses as -- and I'm just guessing here -- rabies, ebola and rubella. How it protects against such viruses I don't know.

    Installation does not require any tedious removal of a CD or DVD from its jewel case and the placing of said CD or DVD into a drive and eventually having to remove it and then stick it back in its jewel case and then store it somewhere. Nope, what you get inside the box is a password that allows you to download the installation program to your computer from something called the Internet using something called a browser, at which time you run it and answer questions and perform little tasks and at some point the program is fully installed on your computer. You may also protect your smartphone or tablet from unwanted texts and emails and hanta and HIV and hepatitis.

    As far as I can tell after I got this up and running, I have received no unwanted communications from anyone on my computer or my automatic electronic cellular telephone. And I particularly like the Locate and Track Mobile Devices feature for that smartphone, a Razr. I wrapped it in a hundred-dollar bill and left it on the subway to see what would happen. Sure enough, it got swiped up right away by a guy who then got off at the next stop. I got off too, but he must have realized I was onto him, because just after he looked back he started to run. So I did too.

    To cut to the end of this chase, he managed to dive across railroad tracks just ahead of a train that cut me off. But because of the Locate and Track Mobile Devices feature of McAfee All Access Individual 2013, I was able to locate and track down him a few hours later and surprise him and not only retrieve my phone but also go ninja on him a little in the process. For this I add back that star.

    I'm not saying this is the only reason to use McAfee All Access Individual 2013, I'm just saying it's one more. With my setup -- Windows 7 and ICS Android phone -- everything seems to work OK.
  • For Real "HAND" - Great film nicely acted and nicely toldThis film presents a new approach to telling martial arts stories. It's blend of comedy, thriller, and of course action. The first half is a detective story, reminding me of many a Sherlock Holmes but also with a tinge of Rashomon and Hero! The action gets intense, but not unnecessarily so, in the second half, and the film is very well paced and told, and also beautifull shot. Donnie Yen still can't really act but he's getting better and better; Kaneshiro, the mixed-nationality actor, shines once again. The supporting actors all do a surprisingly fine job, too! This is a martial arts movie worth seeing, again and again! It's not your typical kung fu film, but one with a certain degree of depth and true style.
  • Kiska's mom "lifetime music lover" - Life, Death and Intrigue in the Court of Henry VIIIThe sequel to Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall" brings more about Henry VIII, his first wife Katharine of Aragon, second wife Anne Boleyn, and the next queen, Jane Seymour, as told through the perspective of courtier and king's right hand man, Thomas Cromwell. This bloody, conflicted, and always fascinating era of English history really comes to life in "Bring Up the Bodies". The author's use of historical language, local color, and politics makes an already interesting subject truly gripping. The main characters are Henry, Anne, and Cromwell, and the reader is made intimately acquainted with them in all their complexity. I found this aspect of the book very impressive. Lesser characters are also expertly drawn. The rise and fall of royalty, church leaders, lords and ladies makes a great story, which is historical fiction at its best. I couldn't put it down. I certainly hope Mantel is going to give us another one.