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  • James Moore - First rate, even for GrandfatherMost of us know the Biblical Jesus and I have read some history of that era but never had the close feel for the tenor of the times which is so well put forth in Zealot, Life and Times. Really gave me a deeper understanding of what he really faced and accomplished. A significantly different impression from that with which I started. Most enlightening.
  • Karen Vilchis - <3 itit has every drug known to mankind. love it. easy to access. and love the nursing interventions. =) tells you every possible route, interventions, mechanisms of action. its straight forward. recommend this book. unless a new edition comes out. but otherwise AWESOME!
  • Diana Scheschowitz - Great productI have used Quicken in the past. When my computer took a dump had to use a laptop that did not support Quicken. Was glad to finally purchase a new laptop that can use it again. It downloaded with ease and the product almost runs itself! Using it with my banking makes it so easy. No longer do I need to go thru each line item and put a category to it, practically does it by itself. Would highly recommend this product.
  • zebee - Work miraculouslyI ordered this product for my acne scars....BUT OMGGGGG my face was sooooooo bad with acne, it cleared my acne like no other product ever did that fact and permanent except for acutane. It didn't work in the begining then it kicked in and omg I Love, I dont care if its not a great value which is not but it worked wonders for me.
  • Molly C. Cichy - Pairs well with filet mignonThis slightly opaque whole milk opens with a fragrant black cherry and black raspberry bouquet with hints of menthol and vanilla. On the palate, this milk is medium bodied, well balanced, and satiny. The flavor profile is a tasty mild blackberry with notes of plum and dark chocolate. I also detected a dash of black pepper and a hint of oak as well. It was quite complex. The finish is dry and lingering. I would suggest pairing this gem with filet mignon.