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  • Ross - IncredibleThe Yoga 11 is an incredible product for those who can work in the Windows RT operating system (research Windows 8 vs Windows 8 RT if you do not know the difference). After doing my research, I knew my computing needs could be met with Windows RT. I chose the Yoga 11 over the Microsoft Surface RT after much debate.

    I am attending graduate school online and needed a comfortable typing device for the long hours of school work I do. I liked the Yoga 11's attached keyboard much better than the touch and type keyboards that are attachable to the Surface RT that I tested out in the store. The two devices have the same internals so the choice really came down to form factor. The Yoga 11's keyboard is one of the best laptop keyboards I've ever typed on.

    For schoolwork I have no difficulties accessing my class blackboard website and doing my required work or watching lectures. Microsoft Office 2013 is included with Windows RT devices and is perfect for all the Word, PowerPoint, and Excel work I do. This was a huge benefit because I would have had to still purchase Microsoft Office separately if I had decided to get a standard Windows 8 device. The only thing I wish RT had was a desktop PDF viewer as I read many research articles in this format. The included PDF viewer does get the job done, it just requires you to leave the desktop. I got over it quickly.

    For personal use I love the ability to convert quickly between a tablet and laptop. This eliminates the need to have a device for each purpose. Some say this is too heavy to use as a tablet. If the weight of the device bothers you as you are using it as a tablet, you can put it into "stand" or "tent" mode and set it on your lap or a table. Feeling the keys on the back when using it as a tablet is a little weird at first, but I got used to it very quickly and never think twice about it. Also, the keys are disabled once you take the Yoga out of laptop mode so don't worry about accidental key presses in the other 3 modes.

    Every once in a while there are some stutters or lag. This happens rarely and is no different than any regular laptop or desktop I've seen stutter from time to time. Some programs load a little slower than they do with the more powerful x86 processors, but we're only talking a few seconds.

    As other reviewers have stated, Windows RT cannot run certain "traditional" windows programs like Photoshop or play traditional CD-ROM games. If you need to run specific programs that are not supported, then clearly this device is not for you. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING. Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT (or just Windows RT) are two different, but very similar operating systems. It's sad how many people bought this device without researching the limitations and then frustratingly gave it a low rating because it didn't meet their needs. *Keep in mind you can remote desktop into other computers and access all their programs. I've done this to test it out and it works great for programs, though I have not tried playing a game through remote desktop.

    I chose an RT device for a few reasons.
    --10+ hours of battery life on a single charge while most laptops last only about 4 or 5 with real use
    --the ability to leave the device on for days without turning off
    --there are no fans, this does not get noisy after hours of use the way standard laptops do
    --Microsoft office is included at no extra cost. This is only on Windows RT devices. Buying a standard Windows 8 device will require you to purchase Microsoft office separately.
    --I do not need to run any x86 programs that would require me to get standard Windows 8
    --This has the ability to use Remote Desktop to get into my Windows 8 Pro desktop to run any x86 programs as if they were on this device as long as I am on the same network. That means I can use Google Chrome, Photoshop, or whatever else can only be installed on standard Windows 8.

    The one thing that annoys me with Windows RT is the speed at which it loads some websites. Most websites pop up instantly while a few seem to load and reload for 10-15 seconds before I can view them. It seems like it's mostly the ones with a lot of ads. Hopefully this will be fixed in a software update. Speaking of software updates, there have been a ton of them out for Windows RT devices. Before you do anything else on your Yoga, update it. Many of the bugs and quirks have been worked out through these updates.

    The Yoga 11 is incredible in looks and performance. Do your research. If a Windows 8 RT device meets all of your computing needs software-wise, then I would definitely recommend the Lenovo Yoga 11.