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  • Brockeim "Playful Literary Adventurer" - Dreams and Laughter Are Found in the "Guinness World Records"Dreams and laughter are built with the "Guinness World Records." I know. I grew up dreaming to be included, to have accomplished some astonishing stunt or to have achieved an incredible level of physical prowess. And I laughed at the ridiculous obsessions of some of those who made it.

    I'm not in it. I tried a few times with some community events in which the most people to do certain things all at once. Inevitably, we would have far too few participants to impress the editors at "Guinness World Records." It was wonderful to try.

    Now, the internet satisfies a lot of my curiosities about the bizarre things people do, but the value of this book remains: to serendipitously discover the amazing people in this world. Real people do these things, and are verified by the book's staff.

    Every dentist office, auto fix-it shop, and home coffee table needs a copy of this. Readers won't mind waiting quite as much.

  • Charlie Warren - Samsung Galaxy Tab(tm) 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB ~ GT-P5113I liked my Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, and I like the Galaxy S4. Basically, if you're happy with Samsung, then you'll love this, and maybe even if you're an Apple Fan. The Price is right. The Twin Speakers on the Sides are Pretty Good, not Over Powering, but you're going to plug in your Stereo Earphones on the plane anyhow. Wi-Fi works wonderfully, and tethers from another Cell Phone well. The 1080 HD Screen is very Sharp and Crisp with Vibrant Colors. There's not much of a Camera here, but I bought it to view in the Living Room while watching TV, and find out the Filming Location on IMDb, and to Track Shipments and to read Email. Once, you get a Tablet, you wonder how did you survive without one, and then you find that no matter how big your Cell Phone's Screen is, it's nothing compared to viewing anything on the 10 inch Tablet, I take the Tablet to Church, and read from Olive Tree's Bible with a Lexicon from Spiros Zodhiates Complete Study Bible, or I Tether it to my Cell Phone and my family Watches SlingBox in the car. With Sywpe or Google Voice Typing or other Speech to Text Recognition Software, you almost don't need a KeyPad anymore.

    The Amazon Tablet app works on this Tablet, but let's just say Bye-bye to the No-Frills, No Icons Limited Page Mobile Apps, and you'll be glad to note that you can run everything including Amazon on this Tablet in it's Native Internet Explorer or Google Chrome Window, with Full Pictures and such. And you can set BookMarks on the New Internet Page. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is running Android Version 4.1.1, (Jelly Bean#, so it does all the Tricks you're used to, like organizing Folders, and bringing up all Active Apps. Reading with Kindle or watch a YouTube Video is so more better than on the Cell Phone. The Unlock Screen gives you Four Choices, Google Search Plus Weather, Tracking, Stocks ; Video Gallery, Internet, Picutre Gallery. And this Comes with AccuWeather, and it's pretty easy to set up several different Email Accounts. The 1.0 Dual Core Processor seems fast so far.

    Old School DOS Structure is gone, and is a little more Difficult to go to a Drive just using the Drive Letter. Example, #instead of just switching from C:\Users\Public\Documents to J:\Users\Public\Documents, I now have to go to the Drive 1st to Computer\GT-P5113\Card\Users\Public\Documents#. I had to Change some of my BackUp Batch Files to represent the new File Structure.

    You probably want to get a Leather Case for it, as the back was Slippery and it's sort of heavy. CrazyOnDigital Stand Leather Case with Charger and Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 #6-item#
    The Calulator is not as Good as I would Like, but it's the Stock Samsung Calculator, #I use and highly Recommend getting the RDev Calculator App).
    It was nice to have the Alarm Clock back with the "Good Morning" Melody, as I had gotten my Cell Phone prior to the Samsung Galaxy S III, so I have a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, and I had to import the "Good Morning" Melody into it and had DownLoaded Alarm Clock Extreme, so I now got both.

    Which reminds me, The Cool thing is that all my Apps that I had DownLoaded started DownLoading to the Tablet, and except for SlingBox, which had a different App for the Android Tablets than for the Android Cell Phones.and I didn't have to reinstall all my Bible Apps. I did have to put in the User ID and Password,

    And I put a SanDisc 64Gb Ultra Micro SDXC in mine, and the Tablet picked it up and runs fine even in the exFat Format, now I have 80Gb. Awesome to the Max~! I may even buy another Sumsung Galaxy Tab~!
  • Louie Bourland - "The Division Bell" 10 Years Later.Since its initial release in April of 1994, Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell" has become somewhat of a closet classic in a sense. While the album has been consistantly bashed by critics for not being "Son of Dark Side of The Moon" or "The Wall Part 2", "The Division Bell" has found its place among the very finest of Pink Floyd's work. Roger Waters was long out of the picture by the time this album was released and David Gilmour was fully in charge of steering the band (as he was on 1987's "Momentary Lapse Of Reason", Floyd's first post-Waters project).

    Musically, the album continues the band's tradition of combining strong rock musicality with atmospheric instrumentals, Musique Concrete sound effects and an overall conceptual theme. The concept for "The Division Bell" has to do with communication or a lack of it. Tracks such as "What Do You Want From Me", "A Great Day For Freedom", and "Coming Back To Life" are filled with passionate yet wrenching vocals alongside what is arguably David Gilmour's best guitar work to date. "Poles Apart" is an adventerous track with many twists and turns beginning as a solid acoustic tune with a slight Country feel to it. The track then shifts to a collage of fairground noises and an odd keyboard melody before switching back to a beefier rock-oriented variation of its main opening theme. "Wearing The Inside Out" is classic Floyd with its pondering moody theme and affectionate dark vocals from keyboardist Richard Wright who also offers some synth leads reminiscent of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". "Take It Back" is a simple pop-rock piece that sounds like it could've been lifted from a U2 album while the album's closing track "High Hopes" is an emotion-filled piece with many references to Pink Floyd's past embedded in the lyrics. The two instrumentals "Cluster One" and "Marooned" are both atmospheric in style. The former being more piano-based while the latter features more guitar dominance.

    These are just some of the musical highlights of "The Division Bell". Indeed, after several listens, the album can certainly grow on you. While the album is not on par with the band's best known work, "The Division Bell" is still one of Pink Floyd's finest albums. Time has gone on to show that this was also the band's final studio album. Considering the time and effort and flawless musicianship displayed on this album, "The Division Bell" proves that Pink Floyd left us not with a sniffle or a whimper, but a triumphant Bang.

    Thanks for the memories!!!
  • K. Ogburn - So good!I never had trouble with my weight growing up. I ate anything I wanted and a lot of it. Very high carb. In my home, eating was a social event. I'd wake up on Saturdays to the sound of my mother rolling out pie dough for the many pies she made for the week. We had a big family. it is 40 years later and I still love the high carb food, but now I am about 25 pounds overweight and have very little discipline. I love food and I love to make it. After thinking I was watching carbs, I would not lose anything, or lose the same 3 pounds over and over. I saw this book advertised and thought it seemed doable. I also like to try new things. So I started two weeks ago, following the book pretty much to the letter. The first week it was sort of fun, but I was very hungry. Fifteen minutes after a meal, I was counting the hours till I could have a snack. The pounds started dropping off. This second week has not been fun. But I have not been as hungry. So far, I have lost 9 pounds. If I can get below the 10 lb. mark, I will be making headlines for myself. I will tell you...I didn't even taste the moist chocolate cake I made, or the egg custard, or the cinnabon cake, not to mention the strawberry shortcake and the fresh strawberry pound cake. So, I will hang in there and I hope to lose more.
    This book can be a little confusing, it seems to contradict itself in a couple of places, but I followed her meal plan and it is working. Now I will just have to stop looking at the desserts on Pinterest!

    An update:
    I am finishing up my fourth week of this diet. I have lost a little over 13 pounds. I was hoping for at least 15, but... The third week I stayed the same weight about all week and then it slowly started moving down again. I lost most in the first two weeks. Overall, I am pleased. It was a lot of self-control to make desserts for my family and watch them consume them. I even had to pass up an icecream cake that I made for my son's birthday. And I was hungry most of the time. The nice thing about this diet is that the recipes are very good and they don't call for too many weird ingredients.