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  • Corinne H. Smith - Get your own hands vicariously dirtyWhen we go hiking at an outdoor recreation area, we rarely notice the condition of the trail itself. That is, unless a recent storm has blown down a sizable tree, right onto the path. (And even then, we'd only have to problem-solve if we had to climb over it or walk around it.) This is as it should be. This means that the park's maintenance crew did a good job. Who are these "traildogs," and what do they really do? Christine Byl draws back the curtain on the world of these underappreciated workers, as she and her colleagues tramp through some of our most beautiful and wild western places.

    She frames her memoir with six tools of her trade: axe, rock bar, chainsaw, boat, skid steer, and shovel. Don't worry if a few of them are unfamiliar. She'll explain. Along the way we hear her own story, beginning as a seasonal laborer at Glacier National Park in Montana. These are days of learning how to fell trees, build bridges, and even pay attention to angles of walkway ascent and descent. Naturally, there are interactions with wildlife of both varieties: animals and tourists. We tag along with Christine and her husband Gabe as they move to Alaska, where they first work for the Forest Service in Cordova before landing jobs at Denali National Park and Preserve. Are you kidding me? Living and working within sight of the tallest mountain in North America? Is this the pinnacle of park service maintenance work as well? Read more to find out.

    Some may wonder, Why read (or write) a book about people digging post holes and tearing down trees? Well, Christine's account is not just about the down-and-dirty daily tasks (many of which require heavy lifting), but also about the people who choose to do them. You'll meet some real characters here. An outsider might have glamorized this work, might have romanticized it, given the stereotypical idea readers may have about working close to protected nature. Admittedly, the book's subject matter alone may deserve only a four-star rating. It's Christine's terrific and engaging writing style that brings the narrative up a notch. She's a pro who can craft elegant turns of phrase even while describing the grimiest of situations.

    Sure, there are underlying themes here that readers can dwell on, if they wish. Gender roles, and the whole woman-in-a-man's-job routine. National parks vs. other wild areas. Montana & the Lower Forty-Eight vs. Alaska. Even, Man vs. Nature. Christine offers her succinct opinions in these areas and then moves on. This isn't an outwardly feminist, environmentalist, or political book. And that's good. She's given us just enough insight into a complex workplace and has brought into view the invisible lives of the traildogs. It's obvious that for Christine and Gabe, this once seasonal and temporary employment has become not only a passion, but also a year-round livelihood. I can't wait to find out what comes next for these two.

    "Dirt Work" is recommended reading for anyone who loves the outdoors. It certainly will provide food for thought, the next time you're out hiking. You may even find then that you've brought Christine and her traildogs with you. The book would also be a great selection for book discussion groups, especially those with a nature focus, for it should appeal to a wide audience of readers. I took my time with this one in order to savor every page. I didn't want my time with the traildogs to end.
  • T. Harris "wanderingtaoist" - This stuff works!After a full contact fight and a broken nose I was prescribed a medication for infection which obliterated the bacteria in my system. What followed was intense yeast problems. I tried bottles of acidophilus milk and tons of yogurt but that didn't work. Even Nystatin didn't work. I had resigned myself to just living with it when I came across Threelac on a website. After finding it on amazon I decided to try the Fivelac.

    Though it took the entire box, it worked when nothing else would. For the first three weeks there was very little change, but after the month was over all my yeast problems were gone. My only advice is drink a full glass (8-16 oz) of water after it. If the yeast is really really resilient you may have to try two boxes. But if you have no adverse effects to this product I highly, highly recommend it.
  • Rosalind - Perfect for babiesI bought this for my grand baby. I really like that this product is very modern and it fits with my décor. My son that it was futuristic. I get a lot of compliments about it because it's very different. It was very easy to assemble and I like that it's adjustable and the shape makes it more comfortable for the baby. My grand baby really enjoy sitting in her swing, playing with the mobil and swaying side to side on the car ride setting. It's more than I expected. I will keep this for ever and pass it down to my next grand child. I would recommend this product. Also, it's very sturdy.
  • K. DeV - Adds Quite The Glow To Your SkinI bought this looking to Go Green regarding buying florescent and incandescent light bulbs for my home. I used this on my skin as a moisturizer for one week and now, I have quite the glow. I no longer need to turn on any light bulbs at all as I'm illuminating and emit enough light on my own. I'm confident that this'll save me money in the long run. I also feel good knowing that I am no longer dependent upon oil or coal just to light up my house. The only flaw is when I go to movie theaters. Some people have complained that with my brightness, the theater is not dark enough. I'm working on a deal to be the backlight at the theater and/or to simply stand near the popcorn machine to pay for my future movie-going experience. I'm hoping theater management takes me up on my barter system deal.
  • Cocodiette - Weird but greatThis items looks like it might be gimmicky, but I was game enough to give it a try. I do it every day, twice a day. It takes hardly any time, and the results after more than a year are great. My neck is taut, the muscles are more defined, and my jaw line is toned. I'm very pleased and would recommend this product for anyone who is starting to feel a little skin slackening in the jaw and neck area.