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  • Ann M. Crawford - A STINGING, YES STINGING, WAKE UP CALLThe texture is wonderful. It applies with ease and spreads well. A little goes a long way. This was a surprise since I considered the price high for the size of the jar. The best was yet to come; it stings so badly it really gives one a wake up call in the morning! Literally, a slap in the face! And the rest, it is mid afternoon and still stinging. What more could I want at seventy-six?

    P.S. I have now decided the best use of it is on my long bones. A New Englander hates to waste money. I am home bound, and returns are so darn hard.
  • L. Bandoly "Kindle Bookworm" - Insane, crazy, intense, but I love itI never thought I'd be a person to enjoy a workout routine and diet as intense and crazy as this one is, but I ended up loving it. After over five years of not taking care of myself and being entirely too idle, I decided to get moving because I was tired of not liking my body anymore. Per the doctor I was 45 lbs over the weight they want me at for my height, and that's a lot when you're only 5 feet tall. I'd knocked off 5 on my own when my husband ordered this. I was skeptical really didn't want to do it, but then I decided what the hell and dived in head first.

    I'm not going to lie the workouts are crazy and intense. But I love the changes in my body. If you're serious about improving your body and getting in shape this product will definitely do it for you. But read all the material that comes with this so that you fully understand why you need to do it the way he has it set up. And why food is so important. But be prepared to sweat and to learn to hate yoga.
  • Counselor Kathy "Kath" - Cristal changed my life!I was given these pens as a stocking stuffer. I was a bit skeptical, so I used the green one first, and voila! (yes, I use feminine French terms now) I felt all warm and emotional inside. Soon I began to feel all girlie, and forgot all those former feminist ideals I had, such as equal rights and equal pay. Finally, I used the pink color, and it set me free. Now I wear lace, dresses, and I forget all those silly subjects they taught me in science, architecture, and mathematics classes. Now all I need is a big, strong man to come into my life and tell me what to do. Thanks, BIC!
  • Brian W. Quirk "Cheddar" - Excellent Product!When my wife decided to stop drinking coffee, I am now the only coffee drinker in the house.

    I like a French Press, but for one to two cups, it is a bother, messy, and hard to get the strength just right.
    Like many, I have seen Keurig in businesses, and liked their product. Shopping about, I selected this model as ideal for my use. Shopping around, and combining Kohl's discounts, I got this for 65 dollars, plus tax.

    I absolutely love this maker. Fast, easy, no big clean up. A perfect cup of coffee in 2 minutes or so, what is not to like? Plus, if you shop around, you can get K-cups as low as 50 cents each (like I did today though a sale on Amazon).
    I like the elegant simplicity, no gimmick approach with this unit.

    I highly recommended!