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  • K. Barcelo "MKB" - The BEST insight on getting the guy successfully!!Matthew Hussey is amazing. I came across him doing a google search on how to attract a guy I like, well not only did I find out how to do this but I found so much more priceless information that will not only help me get the guy but get the right guy and keep him! Matthew does lead you to the water but you must make the decision and application to drink, but he practically spoon feeds you on how to do this. I also recommend becoming a member to his Fast Track To Mr. Right where you can watch his videos. This is the best advice on the opposite sex I have come across. I totally and completely recommend this book!! And following Matthew!
  • Gilteresa - "A Concubine for the Family" by Amy Kwei`A Concubine for the Family'
    by Amy Kwei

    I have recently finished reading this book which is a novel (no pun meant) way to write a family history. It is a good read indeed. Can you judge a book by its cover? Not always. But the colourful cover in this case caught my eye and I did send away for this book because of its intriguing title and the promise of a good story.

    When I first opened the book I laughed out loud at the author's statement that she would certainly not be giving her husband a concubine for his birthday as her Grandma, Purple Jade, had done. I found the description of Purple Jade's life in Hangzhou in the early 30's fascinating , the details of family life with servants and sumptuous meals and the explanation of domestic architecture including the courtyards and gardens, the background of Purple Jade's everyday life with her husband Righteous Virtue and daughters. Golden Bell and Silver Bell. (I loved the imaginative Chinese names of Ms. Kwei's forebears.)

    Because the writing was so vivid I suffered with Purple Jade because of her painful deformed feet, especially when she tried to walk. When she was only three years old her toes had been broken and her feet were bound and pushed into what was then considered to be a feminine shape.

    There are vivid descriptions of an opium den, of Chinese food and of Chinese medicine and terrible accounts of the Japanese invasions of Shanghai and surrounds. There are tragic outcomes for the family during this time involving, among others, Glorious Dragon, the daring brother of Purple Jade. The details of life under the Japanese reminded me of the great fear of Japan felt by my parents and other Australians during World War II.

    Although the novel ends with the family again fleeing, this time from Hong Kong, there is a story of hope too as Purple Jade becomes all the time more sought after as an expert in treating patients with Chinese remedies.

    One finishes the story wondering which of the daughters of Purple Jade and Righteous Virtue, Golden Bell or Silver Bell, was the author's mother.

    As I have already said, `Concubine' is a very good read, a wonderful book.
    This is a wonderful guide for the steps each of use can take to be part of the revolution in the evolution
    of human kind - I have followed Barbara's work for many years. She is a women of integrity to be admired for helping to spear head the changes needed to save mother earth and our own lives. Ann Emerson
  • L. Stark "Starky915" - This little vacuum is amazing!!!This little vacuum is amazing! I have owned two other Dyson vacuums; DC33 (the standard/original Dyson) and the DC41 (Dyson Animal Ball). We gave away the DC33, but still have the DC41. When my husband originally bought this I did not think I needed it, but man was I wrong! This is the neatest little thing. I will NEVER use a broom again. I use it almost daily, because I have pets and allergies. I works really well on our bare floors and carpet. It is all I use on the bare floors and stairs. I use it on the carpet in between my regular vacuuming. I still use the DC41 on the carpeted areas once a week or so. You can do so much with this little guy. I clean the crown molding and baseboards, furniture, honeycomb blinds, throw carpets, etc. It says it lasts 20 minutes with continuous use, but I think it lasts close to around 30 minutes (not on the max setting), so I am very happy with that. I was previously unsure about paying so much for something that did not last that long before needing recharging. The only thing that could make this little guy better is if I didn't have to hold the button down all of the time during use. There should be a continuous use switch. It kills my thumb and index finger when I go on a cleaning frenzy. It would be worse if I was not ambidextrous.
  • b inabinet - got 'queen'??? me too!!!cool! i stayed forever on the first page.... i had never thought about the underbelly of a cloud ! nor many other fascinating accounts of everyday life. the book continued to provoke thoughts and evoke emotion in me... many.
    the book took me on a journey...and different feelings accompanied, out loud laughter , sadness, anger...empathy, compassion even some enlightenment! at the end i felt encouraged ...because someone was bold enough to let me know i am not alone.
    its a cliffhanger ending though.... when is part two?????
    b inabinet