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  • Fletcher "FEK" - Less Expensive Than TherapyI have lived the last 40 years under the dark cloud of inevitability of meeting my demise, as we all do, under the prow of a huge ship. Why it had never occurred to me, in all that time spent aimlessly drifting around the Chesapeake Bay, that is was even possible to avoid, I shall never know and forever regret. But not only does the title of the book hint that it is possible (after all, why would the good Captain tease us with "How to.." in his title if it weren't?!), but the pages INSIDE of the book go even further into explaining HOW-- not in a general way (like in "Huge Ship Avoidance: A Theory") or philosophical way (like in "Bow Above, Fate Below") , but straight-up, nuts-and-bolts HOW in given real-world scenarios (e.g., "On a boat", "In an innertube", "Riding a dolphin", "In a seaplane", "On a very low bridge", etc.). Some of the ideas presented are forehead-slappingly obvious ONCE revealed to us: "stay away from water" was one that I had to read a few times because the first time I read it, I was like "Huh?" and some are less-obvious but reveal the author as an out-of-the box thinker, e.g.: "be a lighthouse". I won't spoil the rest-- Cap'n has earned the dubloons.
  • Jaw - worksi hardly ever get cold sores, like years apart. i got one in june i think, late june maybe, under my lower lip. i didn't think anything of it, it didn't hurt, and by the second day it was dried out and getting a scab. i forgot about how long it takes them to go away. but it didn't go away. it didn't hurt, it was dry, but it just stayed there, it was quite noticeable, and as it happened, my daughter's wedding was coming up at the end of July. She was starting to worry that it would still be there for the wedding photos because it just wasn't changing, it wasn't getting any better, after weeks.

    i figured if you don't put something on them at the beginning, nothing is going to help so i never tried getting any remedies until less than a week from the wedding and we were at Whole Foods, and i saw a remedy displayed that said Cold Sores on it, so i picked it up. When i was paying for my groceries, the guy who was bagging them said i should try Abreva. He said he had tried lots of other things and they didn't work, he said i would get it at a drug store. i laughed because i had already paid for the other stuff and he was saying it didn't work.

    We went to Walgreens after that, we were going anyway, not just for the Abreva, but i got some, shocked by the price but whatever, the guy at Whole Foods really was convincing. I put it on according to the instructions, although it said you should put it on at the first sign, and this was after probably going on 4 weeks with no real improvement in how it looked, i was afraid by then it was permanent. I put it on and by the end of the next day the thing was fading, definitely. i kept putting it on and the wound was getting lighter, much better, my daughter noticed. Hard to believe that after all that time, it would cause improvement. I thought maybe it was a coincidence and that it would've gone away at that point anyway. But still, maybe it helped, it was a coincidence that looked good for Abreva. It did steadily go away after that, although if the light is right, i can still see a slight discoloration. Weird.

    Then, a few weeks later, i inadvertently touched my upper lip and felt a slight soreness. i checked it again in the next few minutes and felt a tiny thing that was like a pimple. i looked in the mirror, i couldn't really see anything, maybe a little redness. I figured maybe it was a cold sore, being right on the edge of the lip, so i put the Abreva on. It was definitely a tiny pimple with a little redness, yellow in the middle, and a little sore. I was certainly catching it at the beginning so i was optimistic.

    that was a Thursday night. I kept putting Abreva on all day on Friday. I was disappointed because it didnt' seem to change, it didn't get worse, so maybe that was a good sign, but it also didn't get better, and i had read some user reviews were some people said the sore was going away by the third day, but it wasn't changing at all, for sure. still i kept putting it on, frequently, more than it says on the tube. On Saturday i was sick without any warning, my throat was swollen, the uvula, and i felt a little weak. i took it easy and kept putting Abreva on the sore, but it didn't seem to get better. Also not any worse. On Sunday i woke up and i was fine and the cold sore was going away. This is Monday and it's virtually gone now. it was definitely almost gone yesterday, the third day.

    So i would have to say it works. i will keep it on hand and will use it again.

    I got the pump kind. LIke some other reviewers, when i tried it this recent time, found that too much of it squired out, and some of it ended up in the sink. But i found that after the first couple of times, i could control it and keep too much from coming out. It was still a little too much that i had to wipe on a kleenex, but that's because the sore was so tiny and it wasn't so much that it was a problem.

    i ordered another tube so i can keep some at work.
  • DBM "UturnDave" - I love my ROKU and It will save me $435/yr!My ROKU is GREAT! I have cancelled my Dish Network and watch Netflix and Amazon Prime every day. I was paying $610/year for Dish Network and now my TV entertainment costs are $175/year. I get my news from the Internet, so I am not missing anything. I also like to binge a TV series season in a couple of nights. There are many TV seasons to watch!