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  • Joan Thomas - A Gentle ReadI've been interested in the reviews I've read, being in agreement with them most of the time. Those who complain about a lack of reality, etc., miss the point all together. There is enough so-called reality everywhere we turn. A reality of crudeness, selfishness, and disdain for anything gentle. Hooray for Jan Karon, and her wonderful world of Mitford. I have even missed my favorite TV shows (Law & Order, and CSI), for a few hours of delight in the pages of Mitford. Father Tim and all the rest have won my heart!
  • Frank T. Steele - very fun to use, and simple enough for the kidsI love this kindle. it is our 4th. i am not even disappointed that they cam out with HDX so soon after I bought this. The resolution is great for reading books and watching movies, even if it is not "retina" level. I do think the OS is a little simplistic, and since I am used to Android i find myself wanting to do more things. But as an Ereader and entertainment tablet this works great. the only thing I wish it had was a sd card slot, but i can undertand why it was not in Amazons interest to include one.

    To own this without being an Amazon prime member would be absurd.
  • Pamela Jarmon-Wade "Tx Red Rose" - ProtectionThis is another year for me deciding to use McAfee Total Protection again. It is hard to switch to another brand of protection when McAfee provides all my needs. It is easy to install and can be used on a total of three units. If you want total peace of mind with a brand that is award winning, well known, and reasonably priced...then give McAfee 2012 a try.