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  • Kidd32 - Physical Great Resource Kindle Edition: major loading issueAfter my many issues with the Kindle edition and the lack of response and support from the publisher, I ended up buying the physical copy and it was an amazing decision. As others have mentioned, many of the errors from 2012 have been removed and some of the terms have been changed to more recent nomenclature (compare orotic aciduria in the two texts). I have also been using Kaplan to study and the material is very cohesive with the online Kaplan material. The only problem - and not a problem with this book - is that Kaplan has not updated page number references to reflect the newer edition.

    This is a review for the kindle edition of the book. Not for the printed edition.

    First the positives for the book:
    The pages and layout of the book beautiful and it looks like the paperback version. With the iPad retina display, the text is very clear even when zoomed in and easy on the eyes. The images also reproduce very well compared to ebook format texts. Additionally, you can take nice notes, bookmark pages, and highlight the text. The entire set of notes, highlights, and bookmarks show up in the margin when needed and it provides a nice summary that syncs between devices.

    Now the major, major, issue:
    However, there is one significant issue, which in part might be due to the high quality of the text. The pages in the book take forever to load. For example, if I go to page 63 and flip all the way to 70, pages 71 and onwards take about 1 to 2 minutes to load and then the same problem occurs every 5-10 pages. This does not seem to be a device issue- I have tried this on the ipad 2, ipad3, macbook air, and sony vaio. On the ipad app, the pages remain white and when you try to zoom in and out, you can see the text but it still takes forever to load. It almost seems like the pages have loaded but just aren't visible. I am not sure if the issue is the actual kindle app but as I mentioned earlier, the glitches aren't limited to my kindle apps. On the computer version it takes a long time to reach the next page (gives the loading symbol) for both windows and mac.
    Also, I have the entire purchased version, not the trial version. This problem did not arise with the trial version. Until this issue is resolved, I am giving the Kindle product a 2 stars.

    Update: For the ipad application: The only solution I have found is that if the book is left open for a few minutes, more of the pages load but if you go backwards, the pages return to their blank white state. Just to be clear, if you have highlighted information or taken notes, those are not lost. For the macbook (brand new pro and air): the book seems to crash the application.

    2nd Update: I tried to contact the publisher and after telling me that they would contact me in 24 hours, the finally did more than a week later. They told me to contact a second email address and that email address did not work. Since this is a review for a product and not just the quality of the book, I am rating at as 1 star. If it was closer to the actual boards, this would be extremely frustrating.
  • Joanne - No Doctor?This is a good book to have in your home library and to use
    in learning how to take care of your family when there is no doctor around.