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  • pwrplayg0al - Love this pillowI was in a constant search of the "perfect" pillow for YEARS. I did a lot of reading of reviews about this pillow before i actually purchased, and I must say I was hesitant about the $100.00 bucks to lay out after reading most of them. I went with my gut though & purchased this AMAZING pillow. It came quickly in the mail & it DID NOT SMELL like chemical it DID NOT make NOISE while you slept and it DID NOT make your head HOT. I am a very light sleeper and if this pillow was noisy I wouldn't be able to sleep, if it smelled like chemical it would trigger a migraine, if it was hot well who could sleep? What I needed from a pillow is soft comfortable support! what I got from this pillow is soft comfortable support it was a WIN / WIN situation. if you are on the fence to spend the $$ - think about all the pillows you spend tons of $$ over just one year or will spend and are not satisfied - I'm happy I bought it, I'm happy I'm not searching anymore. PLUS its washable and will keep its shape!
  • karoe - A must get resourceThis book if a must get when dealing with resistance and with people who have multiple drug allergies. I would recomment it.