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  • Amnon Feiner - Straight to the pointI have followed the "viaMonstra" series for a while now, and they are the best. Not a wasted word or page, and unlike other books that waste 150-200 pages on garbage, thanks and history i did not pay for Kent delivers from page 3 :-). It makes the book easy enough to carry around as well.
    Get the book, Kent is a well known world wide expert, and the book shows.
  • Paula - Automatic delivery is greatThis was recommended to my daughter and my Mom by their gastroenterologist and works beautifully, but I found they weren't always keeping up with buying it at a drugstore because of the inconvenience and expense. Thus, they were missing doses. Not good. So I checked out the availability on Amazon and found that Amazon's already discounted price was great, but putting it on the automatic delivery schedule further reduced the price and took care of two problems at once. Now they are saving money and they never run out.
  • E. Kelley "justanotherguy" - Wife Loves ItThis review is actually from my wife, but it's my account and I type faster, so here I am. My wife ordered this and loves it. She read several of the reviews that said it accentuates fine lines rather then hiding them, especially for older users, and she doesn't feel that way. She is 55 and moisturizes multiple times daily, and she swears by the product.