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  • beau tschirhart "beauXjames" - Engineered for me...the kiddo digs it, too...I don't drive big. I think big, though. From the day I first stepped into a baby store almost 10 months ago, I knew the decision was just a matter of time. I didn't like any of them then. We bought Britax for our infant seat. Their marathon just kept hitting the top ranks and I just couldn't buy into the hype. Even my wife was pushing for it and saying 'this site said this...' and 'its rated so high in safety' and yadda yadda yadda. I can search for reviews online and there's always the same top 4 or 5 in just about any list out there. Each say the same thing.

    I've always been out there for the underdogs. One day we went to a clearance OB sale @ this BabyEarth warehouse near our little oasis and I saw it. Green...dragonfly they call it. It was the most sturdy example of a car seat I had ever seen. I lifted it up and chuckled at how incredibly heavy it was. The metal plate in the base of the seat is ridiculously thick and the upright square tubing ties into it beautifully. The various fasteners and stash spots are genius. Compared to everything else I had seen before, the fabric quality is great. Really easy to clean up and its not all fluffy and hot. The kids body breaths better. Being in Texas it's hot much more often than it is cool...this was a problem I had with most other seats. They were all too poofy looking. I know that would drive me nuts.

    The lever to loosen the straps is in a great spot. I think the action on all the straps is smooth. I also like how I can tuck the latches up underneath the headrest before putting the kid in...i don't like having to stick her in there and then have to dig for everything...face it, sometimes you've got to act fast. ;)

    I didn't have much trouble getting it all together and in the car. We drive a Prius usually and I actually have a little more leg room available with this big seat in comparison to the infant seat. Bonus for how large it looks when you first see it. Installed, it's a solid part of the car...I've got it wiggling less than the passenger seat.

    When I purchased this in August Clek was offering a promotion where they would throw in the carrier for the seat. We had a generic carrier with our Britax seat (which totally works out great if you want to take them on a don't have to pay to take the car seat and you can ~hide~ things in there to make your other baggage balance out). Clek Weelee Travel Bag, Black You'll need it if you do travel with it. This thing has a pull out handle, nice big wheels and solid sides. Collapses brilliantly and stows away no problem. Worth it.

    Feel free to ask me more questions. I'm still pretty new at this stuff. And don't forget that your kid will be using this for years. Get one you the color you like the best. You'll appreciate having this one for your little bundle.
  • Jeffrey L. Blackwell - Excellent guide for taking personal responsibility for your healthAlthough this was compiled for village health-care, it is also a useful general guide to low-cost medical procedures & medicines. It includes excellent sections on ways to prevent and contain serious illnesses.
  • darttt - A "Must Take" if traveling to ItalyI like RS's style of writing.....both informative and humorous. I hosteled my way through northern Italy, almost exclusively using his suggested places. I like, too, that the places he recommends are all well located in the historic sites. I only took the part of the book that pertained to where I was going, and I tore out the pages of where I had been as I went, passing them on to other travelers when possible.
  • Papa Bear - Very plausible scenarioFor a different view point on traditional end time prophecy this is the book to read. This book will open your eyes to the simple facts of scripture that most mainstream denominational religeous social club members overlook because they simply never bother to read the Bible for themselves, they just like to go to "happy church" for maybe an hour or two a week and just accept whatever message is given by their church leaders.