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  • S. Yeatts - A great story without unnecessary and sensational graphic details.I thought this book really did a great job of telling Elizabeth's story. I appreciate that she gave enough detail of her ordeal to all the reader empathize with her ordeal but that there wasn't great graphic detail of every horrible thing that happened to her as is sometimes the case in this type of book. The points surrounding the conditions of her captivity were made without descending to sensationalism. This is a great story of strength, hope, love, human endurance and faith.
  • D. C. H - 100% Effective all of the time!When I am stuck in a binder, I make sure it is the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032). As a PhD student who is not only part of the 47%, but also a proud member of the 99%, this binder is 100% effective all of the time. Whether I am contemplating a voucher system for my medical services, the modification of social security or not being paid the same as males, I file everything away with me in my secure two inch binder. I would be nothing without my binder, heck I would even contemplate voting if not for this secure device!
  • bproctor - Functionalble and Affordable PrinterWe bought this printer to use with the Vagaro Point of Sale system. I set it up on a Vista laptop without any issues.

    However, the Vagaro software does not allow you to set up defaults for the printer. Everything worked great except I was using a lot of paper when trying to print receipts. I found a review on here that said to adjust your margins in your POS software, but mine doesn't have a place to do that. In order for me to print properly with Vagaro I have to check that the margin is set to none on the first print I do after every time I log in to the software. As long as I don't close my browser or log off it holds the setting.

    As for now I highly reccomend to anyone starting up and looking for affordable hardware.
  • Gian Paulo Virzi - This product works as advertisedThis is exactly the product I've been looking for. It has a super strong grip on your cellphone, so strong you have to only place it on the grip surface lightly for it to be completely secured. I like the fact that it can hold any cellphone with or without a case. Not sure if it will hold a cellphone with a backside that is not smooth or too irregular. But all the cases for iPhone that I've tried it holds super well. Taking the cellphone out of the mount is also very easy, just peal it from one side to the other.
    The suction mount on the base of the mount has also performed flawlessly so far. I like everything about the mount, the distance of the mount arm is just perfect for my car and the position I am installing it.
    There are no mounting mechanisms, you only place the phone in the green patch and it is instantly secured. It swivels and has wide configuration possibilities.
    Also, if your car does not have a flat surface for the suction cup of the mount to be placed at, it comes with a base plate that can be sticked to the car and provides a flat surface the the suction cup.
    Overall I am happy with this product, it is by far the best I've tried and the price is also very appealing.