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  • karolina - First time reading Melinda's booksThis was my first time reading her books and I immediately fell in love with every aspect of this book in particular. The characters were so compatible with one another and it was so easy to contact with the characters. Two thumbs easy up for this book. It left me grinning, feeling warm and fuzzy and needing to text my loved one. Great book.
  • Karen G "Karen G" - God and This book saved my lifeThis book is awesome ! After suffering immensly for 2 months day in and day out with hives that no Dr. or drugs could cure (or knew why I got them one day out of the blue), I finally on the advice of my sister (who suffered diarrhea, sudden onset of asthma for no apparent reason and cronic hives for 13 months) I bought the book. I followed it 100% and did not cheat once.Though it takes some getting used to (but alot better then itching), I have been on it for 30 days now (the recommended trial time)and am nearly hive free and better mental clarity and energy! YES, the diet is working..I plan to continue on it as the book suggests for one year to be cured of idiopathic Urticaria..My Doctor says diet has nothing to do with the "condition", but I am proving him wrong.

    I strongly and highly suggest this book if you have undiagnosed cronic hives or any bowel problems or stomach problems like IBS, ADHD (YES),Chrohn's,Autism,Ulcerative Colitis,cronic diarrhea,cronic constipation (I had this but not any more),poor memory (I also had), diverticulitis,celiac sprue,cystic fibrosis, mental confusion (I had),Mental disorders of long standing including Schizophrenia and bizzare behavior,seizures !

    I urge you GET THE BOOK , follow it with fanatical adhearance and watch YOUR symptoms dissappear !
  • Patrick Bianchi - The Hidden Treasure In The CeilingThese speakers really surprised me. I bought them during a sale as an early Christmas present for my parents. They recently re-did their living/dining room and were hesitant to put the Aiwa mini system that was there previously back into the room afterward. They felt it would detract too much from the fresh new look of the room, as it used to live under one of the end tables on the floor. 'nuff said! So we set out on a project to hide the stereo in a nearby hall closet and put speakers in the ceiling. When I saw these come up on a popular deal site that is always slick, I jumped on them figuring if they were not good, I could just send them back thanks to Amazon's great return policy. But, there was no need. We installed them a few weeks later and were very impressed with the results. The Energy speakers (unsurprisingly) blew away the bass-reflex speakers that originally came with the stereo, and the room is now filled with clear, rich sound that has a way-above-average amount of bass. If you're looking to fill one room with great sound without integrating a standalone system into your decor, this is the way to go. You are not going to get sound that's equivalent to tower speakers or a set with a sub-woofer. But when installed correctly, you WILL get pleasing, clear, crisp and warm sound. I highly recommend this set.

    Some quick details about the install. The speakers were really easy to install once the hole was cut using the included template. You just hold the speaker in the hole and turn the screws on the outer edge, which then swing little arms out the grab hold of the ceiling and hold the speaker in place. It seriously could not be easier. The room we installed these in is on the second level of a two-story home, and we had attic access above the room - which made running wires easy. We used in-wall speaker cable from Monoprice, which we also bought on Amazon. The ceiling is 12-feet high in this room, and there are hardwood floors. It is about 24 x 12 feet roughly, but that doesn't include the entryway that it opens up to and shares the space. Both speakers are surrounded by insulation in the attic, which I'm sure contributes to the bass response we're getting from them. The stereo that is powering them is an early-1990s Aiwa mini system (NSX-350) that puts out around 40W per channel at 6 ohms, so a little less than that into these speakers which are 8 ohm. These speakers perform really well at that wattage so it is clear that you don't need a big amp to get enjoyable sound from them.

    I highly recommend these speakers, and this is coming from a guy who favors Harman brands (Harman Kardon, JBL, Infinity) for my own use. I would definitely buy these again if the need were to arise!
  • K. L. Nolan "The world has no edges" - Beautiful ReadThe characters are beautifully drawn but in that torrid way that bodice-rippers make you invest your feelings. Unlike great trash, though, the writing here is tremendously skillful and controlled. Each of these characters deserves attention, and while the plot seems a little rigged, the author makes a convincing case -- or is it a skillful illusion?