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  • tasha - Great book by Dr Phil!Borrowed this book from the library! Needed to buy one so my nephew could read it. We will have a long discussion after he reads it. Great insight into people. I am able to pinpoint and recognize people's actions. It will help me deal with people more effectively.
    This book is an easy read. Love it!!!!
  • Jordan C. Fowler "Slimey93" - My PRODUCT review.This tablet turned out to be what I wanted and expected. Yes my tablet is running honeycomb, yes my tablet is a little slow at times and I bit buggy. But that's a given the tablet isn't optimized for honeycomb it's optimized for ICS. The screen is beautiful the Ips+ screen really helps outdoors. The quad core is a litt bit outdated and may show in the near future, but that's like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini they're both fast and sexy one is just a bit more faster and sexy than the other. The camera turned out to be better than I expected. I'm a college student so I have been using the keyboard a lot. Polaris office seems to be the best for making documents and such. Yes I do believe asus and retailers have botched this launch but hey what can you do no use crying over spilt milk I say. It's truly sad how people are pouting about the locked rooting capabilities but don't sque the results on a retailers website...that IMO is childish very very childish. All of my tablet needs have been sufficiently satiated. If you have any more questions just ask me in the comments and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Despite some problems I'm giving this PRODUCT a 5 out of 5 because the PRODUCT is fantastic and will work better once ICS comes out other problems are with the producer and retailers not the PRODUCT.
  • R. Johns - In a word: FANTASTIC!!It's rare (these days) to feel like you actually got more for your money than you expected, but that's exactly the case with this product. It's super well made, very well thought out and works amazingly well. Once clamped down to the table (via the screw tight clamps), it's rock solid. The overall construction of this little chair is just fantastic. It holds securely to the table and works great. I really can't say enough great things about this product. It's just simple, direct and does the job well - it's been a while since I ordered a product and was so impressed with it. Our daughter loves it and enjoys sitting in the chair. And to say I'm picky about products and the quality of things is a drastic understatement, but this little chair really inspires confidence when holding your child. Once you screw down the attaching clamps, it feels like it becomes part of the table itself. I swear it holds so tight it feels like you could use it to tow a trailer behind your vehicle. I'm not sure of the exact clamping force it exerts on the table, but I would suspect it's gotta be several hundred pounds - there is no way this thing is coming loose; I don't care what you do. As long as you install it correctly and tighten it down, it just does a great job. No more asking for high chairs in restaurants or worrying about your baby being out in the isle where foot traffic is - this product lets you seat him/her any place around the table. In fact, I'm so thrilled with this chair, I'm seriously considering buying a 2nd one just to keep in the car (and leave one attached in the house to our dining room table). I'll upload a photo of our daughter in it right now. Just absolutely love how well this product works. More than 5 stars!
  • kari7178 - Finished in one dayAwesome book! Terrifying, fascinating, and insightful. Some of the low reviews talk about the ending. I liked it. The twist at the end was a little out there but, as it played out, it was easy to look back and see that it had been set up in such a way that it came together perfectly.

    I have two pre-schoolers and work full time and still managed to finish this book the same day I started it. I don't remember the last time I did that!

    Looking forward to more by this author!!
  • Skeet - Fantabulous! Love it!I have used this calendar now for four years and honestly wonder how I ever got along without it. The two columns for every week, one for me and one for 'them' is awesome. I can see at a glance who has what. Lets not forget the cool pictures from Sandra Boynton! Mothers ask me where I get it so they can use it too.