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  • Joseph Neuwirth - Joe's KasperskEasy to install, functions well, Better features than previous security product. Does not interfere with other functions of 3 machines with 2 different operating systems.
    My only complaint is constant warnings that my trial is about to expire,, when I already bought the product.
    Definitely reccommend to others.
  • Ms Winston - Excellent Tool for Life EventsA few years ago I paid an attorney almost $400.00 to draft my will. Recently, I decided I wanted to make some minor changes and discovered that it would cost me at least $150.00 in fees to do so. WillMaker Plus was the answer! The software was easy to load, I found the instructions to be very easy, and the 2013 version had the updated information for my state. In addition,I could take my time to do medical directives, instead of feeling pressured to make quick decisions prior to surgery, which happened to me earlier this year. There is also access to setting up a living trust, which normally entails an additional cost. I find this entire process to be easy and painless. If you have a pretty straight-forward will, the obvious cost savings in purchasing Willmaker Plus over seeing an attorney will soon become obvious -- I highly recommend the package.
  • D. Jones "wyoairerescue" - Really worksLove the Chillow...having night hot flashes makes sleep difficult, but the chillow will cool you down quickly and lets you sleep without overheating. At first it feels pretty cold, but you quickly appreciate how it cools you down. I put some white vinegar in it along w/the water since we have well water to avoid any mold growth. I check the plug every night to make sure it is sealed well, so far no leakage. Would recommend to anyone that has hot flash/night sweat issues.
  • Chelly Wood "ChellyWood(dot)com" - Great Advice for Pre-teen GirlsI'm both the parent of two pre-teen girls and a middle school English and reading teacher. I highly recommend this book! The illustrations are very appealing to pre-teens, and the voice is kid-friendly too. If you have any questions about this book, please visit my website and submit my "Contact" form. I'd be happy to answer your questions.
  • BeachMom - Volvo XC70 Looks Like New!I have had my 2004 XC70 for about 5 years now, and I am constantly annoyed by how often I have to use the "back to black" type products to keep the trim looking good. There is ALOT of plastic trim on this vehicle and I was getting so frustrated by how faded it had become that I honestly thought about trading it in; I just take a lot of pride in how my car looks. I saw the same type of car in their commercial so I went ahead and bought it, and I can't believe how great the car looks now...it honestly looks better than when we bought it. I had my husband do all the work, since he is a lot more patient with things then I am (he actually reads instructions) and I was totally shocked at the results. Yes, it takes a little time to get the car ready, but when it has been 5 months now that I have yet to even touch the trim with any product, it is totally worth it...it honestly hasn't faded at all. Read the instructions, and do like he did and watch some of their videos. Everyone complaining about the bottle size has NOT TRIED it. Trust me, if you use it like the instructions say, you will likely have some left over; we had about half the bottle left after my car was done.