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  • Barbara T. Hornak "Princessma" - Makin Life EasierI love the new QuickBooks Pro 2013. The invoicing is so much better as I can see everything at one time. It is so easy to navigate even my boss is learning his way around the system! Being able to use it in multi mode is great for us both as I can be doing invoices while he is getting Sales Tax done. I would definately recommend this for any small business!
  • C. L. - Almost PerfectI absolutely love my Kindle! I'd wanted one for a couple of years and was thrilled when my husband bought it for me for my birthday this year. It's light, and really does feel like a book. I was also very relieved to find that the screen is much more like a book than a computer screen because I am a medical student and spend most of my day looking at a computer and the last thing I want at the end of the day is to stare at another computer, so it's wonderful to have something light and portable that looks just like a book. Way to go Kindle!
  • BabeGurl - It does work.I used the book and it is great. I removed sugar, wheat, caffeine, white foods and so much more from my diet. I increased my fruits and vegetables and wow what a difference. The weight does not come off as fast as some of the folks in the book, but it does come off.... slowly.
    If you are patient and willing to work with her and do the 5 meals you can see and feel the difference in your body.
    I like the book and it was easy to read and the foods are 75% in your pantry, a few you can purchase.
    Try it!
  • VivianaLiz - really great book....I really liked this book and divergent... I think reading past this book would be a mistake unless the author re-writes the 3rd book Allegiant because that one is terrible.. So my advice, read divergent and insurgent... Divergent is a must! you won't regret it and Insurgent is a good read not as good as Divergent but still very good...
  • Pierre Haas "eclectic reader" - Brilliant repeat performanceCromwell's uncertainties and insecurities have been replaced by his assurance and his clarity of purpose. He banishes morality and doubt from his mind and his soul, replacing them by a single-minded dedication to serve the Sovereign. Because the King is the State and he serves the State. Perhaps there is a deep stratum of concern about what he needs to do to serve the King, but it is kept there, buried underneath the necessities and the risk-taking of exercising power. Mantel shows what corrosive effect power has on those who wield it, the more brutally direct the power, the more corrosive. So much so that he doubts his own dead wife, in a single moment that shows how far he has gone beyond his initial tough but humane nature. The game is rough and there is no retirement plan: one either wins or one dies, and the die is cast daily. When Cromwell is at his most powerful he is also at his weakest, and he knows it. He has no friends but one, the King. And the King is irascible and unpredictable: "those claws, those claws, those claws..."