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  • caritusek - Smart Draw 2014 ReviewI work for a retail company that specializes in building products and home repair, think locally owned Home Depot. We decided to try using Smart Draw to recreate our store floor plan from a previous image. After our free trial ended, we purchased the basic package to continue the project. I ran into some pit falls and frustrations at the beginning, not getting lines to go exactly where I wanted them to in a floor layout, etc. But one phone call to technical support had the issue fixed in under a minute! My business is very excited about the great potential that we see with Smart Draw and all of the different applications that it can be used for. This is a great product, especially for the price. I would definitely recommend this product to other businesses looking to do anything from floor plans and planograms to flow charts!
  • - The REAL Story From A Successful UserOkay, I keep hearing all of these AWEFUL things about the Atkins diet -- About long term consumption of high levels of fat and protein and what devastating effects it has on your system. I, like most people that eat this way, am not a doctor. I can only speak for myself, but I get my information from legitimate scientific studies. Those studies, new and old, indicate that short-term and long term high protein / low carbohydrate intake is safe and may even be the most healthy way to eat. What out-proves even scientific experiments are personal experiments. I have had no more than 10 - 20 grams of carbohydrates per day in my system for over 20 years and drink a gallon of water per day. Yes, every day for 20 years I have eaten what that AMA has told me not to - huge amounts of fat and protein with nearly zero carbohydrates. Forget about the weight (though I did loose over 75 pounds and have kept it off all this time with NO rebound). The reason I changed my eating habits was to be the healthiest person I could be. And now I am. I make regular doctor visits and I am told that I am the healthiest man my doctor has seen in a very long time. My blood pressure is perfect, my cholesterol is perfect, I am physically fit and I feel well rested after 4 hours sleep per night (yes, this for 20 years also). I have gained increased metal clarity, eliminated my depression problems, etc., etc., etc. I could write on forever. What I am trying to say is... Don't let the dogmatic system of medicine and nutrition in our civilized nations dictate how our bodies work with food. Objective science is the only system that can do that. Just because the establishment or the "majority" believes something, certainly does not make it true. Read the evidence. Don't let the FDA or even Dr. Atkins persuade you to believe something. Find out for yourself. I found Dr. Atkins to be right on the money, and my body and mind are living proof... proof enough for me at least. Prove it to yourself.
  • Adam J. Hecktman - Cloud sync + rules = loveFirst, I really like the cloud capabilities. The synchronization and reports sent to my smartphone are very useful. I am just now starting to play with the rules, and I have a feeling that this is the feature that will really accelerate the tasks that I do with my finances. I was on the fence as to whether or not I would upgrade or skip this one. I'm really glad I did.
  • Hobadoa - Binder claim is BSRomney made up the story about binders. He never asked for them.... they were foisted upon him. How else would you explain his inability to think of any qualified women from all his years in "business?"

    See: dub dub dub dot dailykos com/story/2012/10/17/1145627/-About-Mitt-Romney-s-binders-full-of-women-Guess-what-It-s-BS
  • Jaymie - Life changingI don't have a lot to say... you have to read the book to find out for yourself.

    But it was easy to read, even humorous at times. Very convicting and challenging. Read it at the same time I was reading "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan... which was basically a perfect combo. Don't just read this book. Really digest it. And have other read it too.

    So far the most life changing book I have read so far. I am on day 11 of his challenge.