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  • S. Noon "ladybug" - The Best.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I started using it july 30th I had blemishes,scars and uneven skin tone....I tried everything me I am just so thrilled...people who said it make them breakout clean the bulb with alcohol pad or something zap the areas with higher setting slightly above the skin surface...It takes at least one month to clear up as the acne already formed under the skin not visible to the naked eye wont go away over night but if you keep using it for at least 4 weeks no new acne will form and your face will start to clear up....its working on my undereye dark circles too do not use more than 3-4 on that delicate area please...I used it everyday for 30 days and I am a true believer now...IT WORKS!!!!!!!! IT ROCKS.....!!!!You will not see difference overnight please stick with it you will love it.And wrinkles soften do not go away but I am telling you after one month use only so lets see..I dont have many wrinkles anyway...I am 36y old
  • Brian A. - Love itMy laptop is 7 years old and in dire need of a replacement. I had been going back and forth between a new laptop and a tablet for a while. I almost got the older transformer, but decided to wait for the new model. Glad I did. I also had to decide between this and an Ipad2. I went back and forth quite a bit, but decided on the Prime mainly because I like the Android OS better and I could use the apps I had on my phone.

    I admit, I did get a defective one initially. It had a defective screen, in that 1/4 of the screen would suddenly just be vertical lines. Everything else worked fine. I returned it and had to wait a few weeks for them to be in stock again. I was worried reading all the problems people were having, but I'm glad to say mine is great.

    My wi-fi is as good on the prime as it is on my wife's macbook, so no issues there. I have no complaints about the gps, though I rarely use it. I got a tablet rather than a laptop mainly because 80% of what I do on a computer is go on the internet. I have very few issues with browsing on the Prime, it is very pleasant to use.

    Playing video on it is simply amazing. Streaming netflix looks fantastic. I also have several files on my home DLNA network that look great when I play them back.

    The camera on it is better than my EVO 3D, which may not be saying much, but it counts for me. I also love reviewing pictures on it, the screen is great. I use a microsd card with an sd card adapter in my point and shoot, so I can take the card out of there and pop it in the Prime to review and upload photos.

    The only negatives I have are things that I expected. Browsing the internet can run slow at times, and pages don't load completely here and there, but that also has a lot to do with the speed of the wi-fi I'm connected to.

    Overall I am completely satisfied with the purchase and don't regret it for a minute.
  • Rita Roeser - The one diet cook book that you need to read.This book is great. I am so glad a friend shared it with me. This book puts a whole new spin to the diet world and explains what takes place in your body when you eat certain foods. And what will happen when you follow this way of eating. It is fantastic. I had great results in the first week. And you are eating real, healthy for you foods. Best book I ever purchased.
  • MatthewSanDiego - Save a lot of $$$Fantastic. I think it is MUCH better than Apple TV or Google Chromecast. Plus you get Amazon Prime. BUT, you might consider that if you buy a new smart tv or, cheaper, a new blu ray player, you get a lot of what you might be looking for with Roku. Mainly, Netflicks and Amazon Prime. And you have a new tv and/or new blu ray player, to boot. The tv will cost more than a Roku, the blu ray, less.

    If you do go with ROKU, it is a very easy set up and works flawlessly. I have 3 operating on my home wireless system and no problems. Get "basic service" from your cable/sat company and/or get an antt. and save some dough each month.