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  • kaimuki808 - I love it, get this item!I am 23 years old and have been into health products for a long long time. I really do love this stuff, the taste to me is honestly amazing. I like the earthy taste that it has. I have just started taking this the past 3 days and so far I am hooked. I already crave it. First day I had it for dinner, the second day I had it for breakfast and then again for dinner. The great thing about it is that it really kept me full much longer than any other breakfast food I had previously consumed (oatmeal, with peanut butter and raisins) on the regular. I drank it at 7:00am and wasn't hungry until 1:00pm, normally I would be starving already at like 11:00 am. Granted, if I had exercised I am sure I would've been more hungry but that day in particular I didn't.

    Here is my RECIPE that I think tastes great, my boyfriend loves it and my roommate as well. Eventually I will try to just drink it just with water, but I am too scared as for now.

    -2 scoops of raw meal
    -1 banana
    -4-6 frozen stawberries
    -4-6 frozen pieces of pineapple
    -16 oz of water (more or less if you want creamy or more liquified)

    I felt very energized, light and alert the past few days. I havent even needed my regular coffee intake that I usually need (1-2cups, or sometimes a soy latte with 2 shots espresso) I am a full time college student and thrive on coffee, so far this seems like a more peaceful and sustained energy. Aloha!
  • Raye Linguica - These pens saved me thousands on my gender reassignment surgery!This product has saved me thousands of dollars worth of hormones and surgery! I started my gender reassignment surgery 4 years ago (male to female). I underwent three surgeries and spent thousands on medications and hormones. I was told I will never be a 'fully functioning' female. Well, I had a good friend of mine recommend this product as part of the transition and within a week of writing with these sleek little cuties I started to really 'blossom' up top. Two weeks later I was able to stop the hormones and cancel my final planned surgery. The estimate for the gender reassignment was $23,500, but I only had to spend $19,440 ( plus $7.49 for the pens).
    Two years and three beautiful children later I must attest that I am a VERY happy BIC customer! THANK YOU BIC!
  • Jeannine Hawkins - Best "diet" everI never do reviews but I had to for this one. This has to be the easiest diet plan ever to follow I am using the word diet loosely as I never felt I was on a diet! I am in my third week of following the plan. I did not have much to loose in the first place but within the first two weeks I easily dropped the "last" 5 lbs I have been hanging onto. This plan is something I can easily come back to when needed. It is also very cleansing as the plan calls for very wholesome, healthy foods and most of it I already had in my pantry and fridge. I would absolutely recommend this plan to anyone who would like to drop some weight and eat healthy.