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  • F. Baptista - Wonderful Meal Substitute!I am very happy with this product. I did have to adapt a little to its taste, which is not that bad at all. There isn't anything like this in the market and i highly recommend it! i usually blend 1 scoop with half banana, frozen strawberries and blueberries and unsweetened almond milk. It tastes just right to me and keeps me going until lunch without any cravings. My 6 year old loves it too!!!!
  • Lisa - A life-changer!My husband and I are wrapping up our 3rd month of the Fast Metabolism Diet. We were searching for a path to good health and weight loss, and this has fit our bill. He is 71, and while in excellent health, weighed 290 pounds 3 months ago. I am 59, was moderately overweight, but battling high cholesterol. When the medication made me lose an excess of my hair, it was time to get down to the business of our nutrition. He was always afraid he would have to be hungry on a "diet", and I did not want to eat weird things, not to mention I just did not know what to cook everyday. I've always known someday I would have to address my cravings for sweets, and I would be lying if I told you I was past that, though I am happy they are quite manageable now.

    Three months later, he has lost 40 pounds and I have lost 20 (right at my original goal) with cholesterol numbers all well-within normal ranges. Both of us are elated to be eating plenty of delicious--real--food, and enjoying shopping for smaller clothes (I am a size 4 pant now, down from size 10). We have learned to concoct our own recipes and meals, and try to stay within the 3-phase structure of the diet. However, we no longer stress if we mess up or have to stray due to an unusual event. We just pick right up with the next meal.

    Admittedly this eating plan intimidated me at first. I was afraid of all the cooking, and honestly, it was a bit confusing. Before we embarked on it (partly due to extensive summer travel plans), it took me about 6 weeks to summarize it and internalize what was going on. Looking back, I believe that was fear of the unknown because it seems second nature now. Knowing the effort leads to success is worth it beyond measure.
  • Lorraine in Taos - what's not to love?Received my Apple iPad Mini late last week. The learning curve, even for someone who is not a computer nerd, turned out to be fairly short. There are some features still to learn but I'm now up and running quite happily (even wrote a blog post). I added a case and peripherals since I'm an avid photographer and also a writer who wants to be able to use the mini for editing and writing while traveling or cafe-ing. I purchased the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and the UXWrite app (uses Word and Dropbox to work between computer and iPad). Also, for photo downloading: Apple Lightening readers for memory cards and camera direct. If you only take pics with your iPad or iPhone you don't need this. Since the nearest Apple store is 280 miles round trip I researched and ordered everything through Amazon and it was all efficient and quick. And, oh yes, it fits in a medium-sized handbag!
  • D. Alexander - A comparison to Sigma's 10-20mm f/4-5.6Before I settled on this lens, I bought Sigma's original 10-20mm. After four copies with centering problems and a poor response from Sigma's repair service, I opted instead for Canon's 10-22. When it arrived, I still had the last Sigma on-hand to compare.

    This 10-22 is lighter than the Sigma and smaller than I expected it would be. Both lenses have similar build quality, though the Canon's weight is deceptive. It's so light that it would actually feel cheaper than my 28-135 IS if not for the tighter build tolerances. Focus is about the same for all three: fast, quiet, and accurate. The 10-22 has slightly better colors, and both of my copies were even across the frame at 10mm. The only letdown has been some blurriness in the corners, but nothing too extreme, and it cleans up by f/5.6. Flare control is excellent.

    At 10mm, the Sigma is equally sharp or better in the center, and better in the corners, but only over 2/3 of the frame. The remaining third, usually the left, would be hopelessly blurry. It cleaned up at 20mm. By contrast, the first copy of the Canon I had was fine at 10mm, but had some centering problems at 20mm that caused blurriness on one side. The second copy was noticeably sharper across the board, so I kept it.

    The filter size for this lens is 77mm. That's larger than the lens design strictly requires, so you can use conventional-thickness filters without causing vignetting at 10mm. Polarizers have an uneven effect at the wider focals. Protective UV filters still work as expected, as do neutral-density filters that allow for slow exposures in daylight. Because 77mm is the largest size you're likely to encounter, it's a good place to standardize for more expensive filters. Step-down rings to adapt large filters to smaller lenses are often much less expensive than a new filter.

    If you're in very close quarters, this is a great walkaround lens. If you're not, you'll probably want something with more reach. I've found that it's excellent paired with the 28-135/3.5-5.6, or even better, the 24-105/4. Used conventionally, it can lend strong perspective to otherwise ordinary scenes. Reversed on a 40D with a 77mm reversing EOS mount, it becomes a 3.2X - 6.8X macro zoom with very high image quality. At top magnification, Roosevelt's ear on a dime will fill the entire frame, though you'll probably need a spotting light to see your subject to focus.

    The 10-22 costs about 50% more than Sigma's 10-20 f/4-5.6 and 10% more than the 10-20/3.5. Is it worth the difference? Comparing ideal copies of all three, probably not. But unless you can try a half-dozen copies of the Sigma at a camera shop, the first Canon that arrives at your doorstep is far more likely to meet your expectations.