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  • R. Hughes - Works great and doesn't slow my computer down.I got the 2012 security virus and just could not get rid of it through any means. I bought this and it could not install because of the virus so I called Norton and they spent over 2 hours using remote desktop to get it installed. Great customer service!

    I run it in the background with no noticable effects in the speed of my computer. Good purchase, I will buy it again next year.
  • ndurand - The facts you need to make your own decisionsI loved this book. For once I felt like someone was talking to me as an intelligent woman, instead of treating me like a child. Emily Oster doesn't suggest you should binge drink or eat sushi every day - instead, she gives you the facts, in clear and concise text, and tells you to make your own decisions according to your own values. You can also go into appointments with better information and ask your doctor the right questions. Look, if you just want a big list of "don'ts", and can't stand the gray areas that come with all medicine, don't get this book. But if you want to understand the whys behind all the advice, and take control of one of the most important experiences in life, read "Expecting Better" and use your new knowledge to inform your decisions.
  • Kristie - Cleaned me out!!!!Ok so this product is absolutly amazing!!!! I just got mine yesterday and I took 4 pills in the afternoon around 1pm and by 7pm i had 6 BM. That's alotttt!!!!! The recommended amount is 4 pills two times a day, but I didn't see the need for me to take it twice a day when I went that many times in 6 hours. I got up this morning and took 4 pills at 7am and by 7:15am I was in the bathroom already this stuff does exactly what it says and works soooo good! I will def. order this from now on when I need it, oh and I also lost 4 pounds since yesterday before I started taking these and I'm 120 lbs already!! I def. recommend these :) Hope this helps. Feel free to comment with any questions.
  • Lollipop - Radio-licious!Thank god, finally a product that is both fun for work and home! It's something you can play with together as a family... heck invite your grandparents! Amaze you bosses to be the first one to bring this to the corporate cookout, watch everyone be stunned with ooh's and ahh's.

    I cannot recommend this enough. But it NOW!!!