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  • J. Fletcher - Recommended as a must read for those who like subjects for discussion.This has been a surprise find. I have learned so much from these essays and searched many of the names referenced on the internet. The one that stimulated much discussion in our family was about drugs for depression. There are a variety of subjects included in this collection and each gives pause for reflection or invites research.
  • E. C. Lauper - Worked for meI am a 59 year old guy. Very gradually since my late 30s, the hair on the crown of my head has been getting thinner. All of a sudden one day after a haircut, I realized I could see my scalp from the front! That was really depressing. I talked to my doctor and he said Rogaine or Propecia were the only treatments and they didn't work for everyone. Since Propecia can have side effects, I tried Rogaine. This takes a while so you have to be patient. Right around the time I had used up the first package of three, I noticed a marked improvement. Once I saw that, I am very willing to continue this indefinitely. The application is easy and the product itself seems to have a thickening agent like a mousse -- probably intentional. I put it on as directed after the shower, comb my hair, and by the time I've finished shaving and brushing my teeth, all it needs is a very quick blow dry and I'm back to (more or less) the full head of hair I've had all my life. Also, as directed, I put on before bed. BTW, the version they send from Amazon is the unscented, so no problem with the cheap fragrance smell some previously mentioned.
  • Lisa M. Taber "lisa" - Very helpfulA friend recommended this book to aid the college search with our son. It is well-organized and packed with information. My son has NOT been interested in the college process, but he actually started paging through this book and got pulled into comparing things like the male/female ratio and quality of life ratings at different schools. It's a start!