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  • K. Hill - Dangerously Delicious!I am not a drinker, but I love this wine. This is perfect for those like me who don't enjoy the taste of alcohol. I tried another Moscato a few weeks back and it took me two hours to finish a small half glass. Usually wine, no matter how fruity or delicious is smells, tastes like cold medicine to me. Not so with this one. That's why I call it dangerously good. It's easy to drink and so delicious that I have no trouble finishing a glass. I also appreciated that there was a handwritten note thanking me for my order on the invoice.
  • Reese experience - perfectOk let me help someone. I purchased the product used it since i've had it twice. Little bit about me, I am a heavy I mean heavy underarm sweater! I don't think you all understand me, I sweat soooo much under my arms I show sweat puddles through my suits. Now I think I have someone attention let me tell what this product did for me. I used this product after my evening shower as directed, it has a foul smell to me but o'well right lol. That next morning I put on my regular degree for sent, and I did not leak a drop under my arms until it was time to shower again! I would live by this stuff, trust me read some of my other reviews and see i'm a real guy I am not getting paid to leave this review (although I should lol). I currently use a doctor perscribed product now, not because this product don't work but because I rather deal with the smell of my current product. So in conclusion if you're in denial, or debating weather to or not purchase I would recommend this to ya try it out.
  • Paul Urquhart - Great sound on a budgetI had a Samsung LCD TV on which the sound was insipid. I live in a small terrace house so a full-on sound system was not appropriate. I didn't want to blast the neighbours off their seats but this has improved the overall sound quality and specifically clarity of voices beyond my wildest dreams. The only disadvantage is that my 46 inch TV is too big to sit on top of it so it has to go in front. This was mentioned in the blurb so I knew this from the outset. Bose make great products and this is no exception.
  • C S Loughridge - Too late, I needed this 50 years agoI learned how things done. My whole life I have lived wrong. I see now why no matter how hard I tried, I only made things worse. I wish I had had this book 50 years ago when it could have changed my life and the lives if my children. I always knew that I needed instructions on how to do life. I always searched for the right path, I just never figured how to find it. For whatever is left of my life, I can say for sure that I now know how to protect what I treasure from those unscrupulous BAITERS.