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  • nychen - Backup...gated and protected :)I have several backups in the Western Digital brand, while they have all performed well [crossing fingers], the software that comes on them is really terrible to use and confusing to say the least. So I bought a Clickfree Backup USB attachment with built-in software and use that for all my backups, very simple and has made WD's useable. I don't remember having any software on SeaGate's Backup Plus 500 GB, but just getting it out of the sturdy plastic box was impressive!

    I've never used Seagate backups before, or anything else so this was my first impression on their products. I really like their external drive, wow their design [mine's black] is an eye-catching yet subtle textured design. The WD's were always so plain and boring. The Seagate also has it's own detachable part where you can then use it for PC/Mac. Really like the attached USB wire, so it doesn't get lost, and that detachable part is very secure/tight.

    Overall, it's just a great backup drive, so far no troubles...very easy to handle and portable size. Recommended!
  •  26.2 " 26.2" - Not sure how this works but it did for me! (in One Cycle!)Hello and first of all, Good Luck on your own journey. I had some problems in the past conceiving, not sure the exact problems however we did conceive our first child. Then for whatever reasons it didn't work on a cycle, so I ordered this (and had so many doubts it would work, or that maybe I shouldnt even take it!!). I ended up taking 1 pill a day up until about day 23 of my 28-day cycle. I have in the past noted a short luteal, but this time did not chart anything at all except Day One. Anyhow, lo and behold, I thought it wouldn't work. I tried testing at day 25, with a CVS EPT, but it didn't show a solid 2nd line (just very faintly) so I thought it didn't take hold. But then on day 28 nothing happened, so I bought a Clearblue Easy Digital, and it came back positive. I am certain the fertileaid helped, if nothing else, it gave me some peace of mind and hope. It did work (in one cycle, or less). I'm not sure on this point, but someone mentioned it has all the necessary prenatals so I wouldnt have missed any special vitamins and minerals if I forgot mine (I didn't though). And I dont know how exactly it helped... it did not give me any extra side effects except perhaps dehydration I felt confident I was trying everything I could, and I am excited about the rest of the process. I still have at least half a bottle left since I received it on the 9th, and took on that day, and every other day until the 21st or so. I am pleased to conceive so quickly and feel it could well have been this product. I am confident that you should read the package, but dont expect the same thing for everyone since all bodies are different. I am myself a fan of this product now (and it may be expensive but if it helps you achieve the child you are wanting, then money has no price in this case). I like the product, no taste, no gross side effects, and I used 1 pill once a day with plenty of water (and a multivitamin prenatal, and 400mg folic acid). I was nursing when it worked for me and just as a warning it can make you dehydrated.
  • Jacquelyn Butler - Why I love my kindleIn April of 2006, I suffered my third stroke. The kind I had left me unable to speak or read. After therapy, I was able to read and speak better, but not perfect. Then I heard about the Kindle on the Oprah show. Two things encouraged we to get a Kindle and that was that It would read to me and it would define words in context when I read.
    I was an avid reader before my stroke, but after I had the strokes, I thought I would not be able to read alone anymore. After I got my kindle, I let it read to me every day. Now I can read better, but when I don't understand words in context , I don't need to ask my husband for help, my kindle tells me what the word means.

    I did not know about other electronic readers until I heard about the first Kindle. Before I bought one I looked at all the features that it had. I read other reviews about the Kindle. I was so impressed by the Kindle, I waited 6 months to get one because so many people wanted them and when I paid for it , Kindle 2 had been created.

    Anyway, I don't know how other people felt about their Kindle 2, but I am happy every day when I open my Kindle so I can read.
  • Dr. Wilson Trivino "Success- living the life ... - Time for Women to take charge of their own destinyLean In by Sheryl Sandberg is the current "it" business book and centers around women's empowerment in the work place.
    Sandberg who comes with experience from government, Google, and Facebook has a fascinating path to her positions.
    This book is a bit anecdotal in parts and maybe because I am a man I can't sympathize with her issues of women in the workplace. Her story is impressive and she does serve as an example for women that they can succeed in the tough rumble and tumble world of business.
    Nothing new in this book, but message to women that they need to take a more active approach in deterring the path of their career is a good one.
  • StevenHodson - Age of Context Outlines A Future That Is Closer Than Some Might ThinkI have known Robert Scoble (via the web) for a number of years and we have had many conversations where I don't always agree with him and have taken him to task over some of his more enthusiastic reactions to technology but in the case of Age of Context I think that both he and Shel Israel are definitely on target.

    The great thing about technology is that it is continually changing our world, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so good, but I believe that two upcoming technologies will bring about the greatest social changes we have ever seen. The first is 3D printing and the second is this Age of Context that Robert and Shel talk about in the book. While I am more bullish on 3D printing I have also recognized that context is becoming an ever increasing area of technology that will affect every part of our lives.

    But it is difficult to try to explain to people just what this new age is and what its potential is societally and this is where Robert and Shel's book provides a valuable service. Being an extremely easy book to read it is the type of book that you could give to your mother, aunt, crazy uncle, or yourself and gain an understanding of what this Age of Context is and how it is going to change our world.

    It does this in easy to understand terminology and concepts that allow you to easily grasp what this technology is and what we can expect in the near future as 'context' gains momentum. The one thing that I really appreciated was that neither of them disregarded the 'freaky line' or privacy issues that are also an integral part of this new age.

    If you are curious in the least about this new Age of Context I can't recommend a better book to pick up and read and not feel lost in a jungle of tech terminology. I don't think yo will regret the purchase at all.